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It's a puzzle actually. Portal-like with narrative walking simulator intermissions. Puzzle mechanics are solid, varied enough, even if somewhat short.

Story is god-awful. Attempts to introduce "atmosphere" are made in such way that it's better not to have any story (at one puzzle level you'll be forced to solve a puzzle that uses a trick unseen before and after, under constant sound of a woman crying).

Tons of melodrama. Like the whole story, except for the very end when it turns out it's not melodrama, but you are already fed up with it.

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Posted (edited)

Okay this is one those games which, even I would never stumble upon. I don't think I've ever heard a more bland title in my life. What does it even mean?


I feel like if I stumbled on it, if I didn't write the name, it would probably be gone for all eternity, like that weird black hole under my sink, where for some weird reason, any fallen objects which go under it, are simply gone from our own reality. I don't even bother looking under my sink anymore, god knows what else vanished in there.

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This is NOT actually an adventure, it's more of a puzzle game. And a damn-good one at that.


Forget about the story, because this game is not about it. If you only just focus on yourself, the atmosphere and the music, which goes very well with the color-puzzle solving, you will enjoy this.

Minimalistic design, maximum enjoyment. Reminds me of Antichamber, if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this one.

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