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  1. NightNord

    State of Mind

    I meant - it's when player already understands everything, but heroes are acting clueless. This is actually imparting gameplay because you have to find "proof" of something you've already understood.
  2. NightNord

    The Station

    Story with a twist, even though the twist message isn't really very twisty. Very short. Very nice UI and overall game execution. Looks like a tech-demo or presentation for something bigger. Walking simulator with very light "puzzles" (mostly need to solve riddles of sorts).
  3. NightNord

    The Spectrum Retreat

    It's a puzzle actually. Portal-like with narrative walking simulator intermissions. Puzzle mechanics are solid, varied enough, even if somewhat short. Story is god-awful. Attempts to introduce "atmosphere" are made in such way that it's better not to have any story (at one puzzle level you'll be forced to solve a puzzle that uses a trick unseen before and after, under constant sound of a woman crying). Tons of melodrama. Like the whole story, except for the very end when it turns out it's not melodrama, but you are already fed up with it.
  4. NightNord

    State of Mind

    Looks like someone's magnum opus. Untypically lengthy. While not ideal, attempts to shake usual "run around and click stuff" routine with refreshing gameplay elements are made. Lots of melodrama and "heroes are idiots" moments though.
  5. NightNord


    Interesting, but short and filled with authors forth-wall breaking (and utterly uninteresting) dev-blogs. Walking simulator, very minimal gameplay.
  6. NightNord


    Very primitive gameplay - not entirely walking simulator, but close. Otherwise, slightly interactive movie. Quite lengthy for the format.
  7. NightNord


    Ross: "I am picky!" Me: "cool! let's take a look!" *Looks through 3 pages of adventures* Me: "oh, I found 4 games I didn't played of like 20 I would even consider playing" (Not to bash on Ross, after all, you can't be the guy who makes a show about weird games, unless you consider playing weird games) There are few games that missing there and look like matching overall criteria (based on other games) - the whole WadjetEye catalog (with exception of the Golden Wake and The Shivah, they are quite different from others) is very solid, especially Primordia and Gemini Rue, but it really depends on who like which setting. Anna's Quest is very good (as in "not evil") fantazy fable with some solid gameplay.
  8. NightNord

    Unforeseen Incidents

    The art style is weird (it looks like it was drawn on paper. Watercolor? How that's called, I dunno), but the story is very solid. The gameplay is your usual adventure - collect stuff and use stuff, but without pixel hunting or weird logic. It's rare case of adventure that does not require a walkthrough, but is not easy. "Ross will like it" remark because it's all about conspiracy on top of conspiracy. And zero drama nonsense.
  9. NightNord


    Oh, looks interest- waitasecond... did I play this game?.. Riiight, I vaguely remember some of those screenshots! What it was about... eh...
  10. NightNord

    The Last Night

    Probably will never come out. Developer was hit by some unknown "financial and legal problems" and disappeared. Pity
  11. NightNord

    Gemini Rue

    Solid story, solid logic, good setting and superb atmosphere. If you like dark sci-fi and detectives - it's a must-play.
  12. NightNord

    The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

    Moon logic and pixel hunting is strong with that game, especially closer to the end, but very good style and story is quite enjoyable.
  13. NightNord

    Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

    Moonlogicish, but quite enjoyable with intricate story and interesting style and characters
  14. NightNord

    The Last Door

    Very specific story, but it's practically made of moon logic. It's like the point of the game, to be very moonlogically.
  15. NightNord


    Good. Solid logic, good story without excessive melodrama (though there is a drama), nice setting and style

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