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Just came across this game from a demo video by the main character's voice actor, the excellent Ryan Cooper. There's a lot of Lovecraft built into this game, and the themes of a tech-noir dystopia have always seemed to practically beg for that kind of horror game. No one will mistake this for Cyberpunk 2077 or anything, but that's enough to get me intrigued.


A lot of reviews on Steam, however, seem to regard the game as unfinished at best: apparently, for all the great artwork used to build the world, not much of that quality translated into the characters themselves. Like Lovecraft's stories themselves, the game's story also leaves a lot of questions unanswered, or assumes you've played Conarium, the other game in the series. It's also apparently fairly short as these things go, running about 5 hours. I'll wait for a minor sale - its current regular price of $20 is a bit much right now - but it's on my wishlist. Might make for a good Game Dungeon entry in the meantime.

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