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  1. This game was neat, and had a loot of potentials, but as others have mentioned, was very half-baked conceptually and gameplay-wise. Overall it's not terrible, just a little unsatifying.
  2. A simple game that's a lot of fun for a while.
  3. This game was a lot of fun, if a bit boring at times. Really neat setting and some fun gameplay ideas. The scenery lacks a lot of detail, unfortunately.
  4. I can't wait to play this damned game.
  5. This game was weird. An open-world space shooter with RPG elements. Overall, I had fun with this game, up until my hard drive crashed and I lost my saves. Also, some of the most hilarious voice acting I've ever heard. [Edit] And it's like five bucks on Steam right now! Booyah!
  6. One of the funniest games I've ever played. You'll love it!
  7. This would make a fun GD video. It looked great and had some neat puzzles, but it stuck to the formula that made Myst great, but hasn't necessarily aged well.
  8. This game was fun as hell. I would have loved a free-form sandbox mode where you just walked around Mega City One busting punks and sending 'em to the cubes.
  9. The design of this game is fantastic - like if the band Ghost tried to make an Aliens movie - but the gameplay was terrible. If you've seen the screenshots you've seen the best the game has to offer.
  10. This game looks really cool. I'm just not sure if it would be fun for long.
  11. I tried playing the original A.I.M.. It was hard to get into but the story was really neat.
  12. I didn't realize they were making a sequel to BASS. I am cautiously optimistic about this.
  13. I was really excited for this game - I was a big fan of Quarantine as a kid (Game Dungeon on it was fantastic). Too bad it looks like the project has stalled/been cancelled.
  14. This game looks super cool. I have a feeling I'd be terrible at it though but I'd have a lot of fun being terrible.
  15. I played this with some friends on Hallowe'en this year, and it was fantastic. You could get through it in only a few sittings but it was atmospheric as hell and told a great story in a way that didn't so much break the fourth wall as it did move it just a bit closer to you.
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