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  1. The Map theme in this reminds me a lot of the intro of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"
  2. I was "suggesting" those games in case he wanted to do more short warm-up reviews of obligatory throwaway Christmas games in the vein of Deer-Napped or Santa Clause In Trouble. suggesting in quotes because I was mostly just being silly :P
  3. I don't think the "abridged playthrough" format for Game Dungeon is necessarily a problem; it works with games where the badness or weirdness is gradually built up and/or revealed the more you play of it, like in The Chosen, Hellgate London or Martian Gothic (incidentally those are some of my favourite episodes). It doesn't work as well in my opinion for more straight-forward games, or games with a more even level of noteworthiness (such as Demonica or Terror TRAX)
  4. If there's another Christmas episode this year, I hope Ross won't waste his hard-earned Złotys on crap Christmas games before remembering that he already owns Naughty Elves, Season's Beatings and Christmas Cat's Revenge from buying that giant Itch.io bundle from last year [cannot personally confirm or deny whether these are sufficiently crap]
  5. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the new episode and most that preceded it, and I always look forward to new content.
  6. Maybe the developers liked Mac because it's the true Goth OS
  7. That song was included in the credits actually; the outro song is usually the last listed
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