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  1. Decent atmosphere, some interesting gameplay elements, some unexciting but sparingly required combat mechanics... I was mostly on board until the final chapter which is one of the most torturously tedious sequences in any game of this kind that I've played. As far as the story is concerned...
  2. I for one would love to see more extemporaneous discussions with you and other people about the hard-hitting topics of the world, provided indeed that they have a bit more structure and preparation than the Yudkowsky video and that it doesn't cause more stress on your part.
  3. All this time, Freeman really just needed a friend like himself
  4. Call me naïve but I doubt future developments in AI's conversational skills will really end up influencing public opinion or quarterly reports that much more than the imperfect bot accounts and various devious marketing tactics that already exist currently. People are already way more adept at predicting and gaming human behaviour than many realize. I'm actually more pessimistic about the future of the creative industry myself. I don't think we're gonna see a decline in the demand for human-created art "for art's sake", but creative jobs for producing art with more generic purposes (graphic design, stock photography, incidental music, etc.) will definitely be at risk of replacement now that far cheaper alternatives are quickly being perfected; at the very least the market for it will become vastly more competitive and less lucrative, and it's not like artists in that business are generally raking in millions at the moment anyway.
  5. Samla Mammas Manna - Musmjölkningsmaskinen (The Mouse Milking Machine)
  6. Mats/Morgan - Banned Again banned members should be automatically redirected to this when trying to access the site
  7. Motor Totemist Guild - Blood In The Tower
  8. Tõnu Kõrvits - Sketches Of Thule
  9. I totally get the appeal of this but there were just too many hostile gameplay elements piled on top of each other for me personally to have any fun with it. I'm not surprised to see that Ross passed on it; not being able to advance to new areas without attaining a high enough karma all but guarantees any playthrough of this to be rather grindy and tedious.
  10. Mats/Morgan Band - Watch Me Pleasure
  11. Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi & Ken Vandermark - Zkradenn Vaa
  12. Quite a bold move to diss the music so harshly while showing Angelo Badalamenti's name right upfront like that at this time Omikron has a soundtrack by David Bowie but I've never played the game and somehow never heard the music either so I can't say if it fares any better.
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