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  1. Lots of pixel hunting and bullshit puzzles in this but definitely worth it. I was surprised by how well the story works: it hits that delicate balance between revealing just enough by the end to feel satisfying but not too much so as to demystify everything.
  2. Not what he said; his goal was to point to one very specific aspect of prison life - guaranteed means of survival - and the social consequences of this - prisoners not turning into lazy bums but continuing to work - and then extrapolate that to the rest of society if that specific aspect applied to everyone's lives (it's not a completely airtight argument and he himself nuances it in the video at that timestamp)
  3. I've been playing Amnesia: Rebirth recently. I haven't gotten far enough into it yet to determine whether I like it or not but it does one thing that's a major pet peeve of mine: non-English character has an inner monologue or is talking to other non-English characters, not in their native language but in English with an accent (and not a very convincing one either). Either hire a French actress to voice your French main character in French and add subtitles, or just don't bother at all and have your obvious British actress talk in her regular accent. This just breaks the immersion for me.
  4. Better still to just not even waste your precious time. You're never going to change his mind and he himself isn't tactful enough to persuade anyone who doesn't already believe everything he says anyway. Nothing is gained from acknowledging his existence.
  5. I thought the song from Rama with the unknown title at the end of this video was called "Human". No idea if that's the actual title given to it by the composer or just attributed to it by fans.
  6. It is Uwe. Ross talked about him a bit in the Dungeon Siege episode and showed that same picture; I imagine that's why most viewers recognized it right away.
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