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  1. I really enjoyed almost every bit of this game: the puzzles didn't feel too cryptic but also weren't so simple as to be pointless, and the artwork is truly amazing and ornate (I suppose the artstyle itself isn't too original; lots of Beksinski homages, but then again I suppose that's the ticket and it's very competently done). I do however feel like they could have maybe done more to flesh out the story and the world, and the endings feel a bit abrupt and rushed too. Great experience overall, pity that it's so short.
  2. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Deus Ex, and to celebrate the occasion Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos have put out an album containing heavily reworked and recreated versions of 17 tracks from the game's original soundtrack (available digitally as well as on CD and vinyl for the real fanatics out there) https://alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com/album/conspiravision-deus-ex-remixed
  3. A huge disappointment. The visuals look really crude, and even though you can apparently beat this game in an hour and a half, it feels way too long for the amount of substance it actually has. The environments are extremely repetitive and it feels like there's only the bare minimum of a story. Not recommended.
  4. He lives in Poland the country; He moved there in order to live with his then-girlfriend (whom he has since married) who is Polish, although he has mentioned that living expenses in the USA are too high for him to move back there even if he wanted to.
  5. Mira


    It's a game jam game, so you shouldn't expect too much of it. It's definitely foreboding but as far as I could tell it doesn't really put you in any danger; it's really just a fetch quest that you can beat in less than 30 minutes. Objectively speaking I guess there may not be that much to the story either although I found it interesting enough because it's centred around a topic that happens to touch me personally.
  6. I recommend King Of Thorn if you like horror and sci-fi and can forgive slightly convoluted storylines (don't watch the anime movie though, it's a terrible adaptation).
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