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  1. Sorry to dig this up but I feel obliged to point out that this specifically has been disproven many times. The earth's temperature has continued to increase since the turn of the millennium even though solar irradiation levels have been decreasing on average since then. Many global warming deniers even point to this decrease as supposed evidence for the (bogus) assertion that the earth will soon enter a global cooldown that we should be preparing for instead. https://skepticalscience.com/solar-activity-sunspots-global-warming-basic.htm Blaming solar activity also doesn't explain why only certain layers of the atmosphere are warming up, and why temperatures appear to be rising at a faster rate at night than during the day (measured by comparing average nighttime and daytime temperatures in specific locations)
  2. Yooo; maybe a little late to introduce myself but I'm Mira, I'm 25 and I live in the Netherlands. I've been watching Freeman's Mind since it had only 5 episodes, but I've always been rather apprehensive about joining these forums, mostly out of general shyness. I'll see how frequently I'll end up using this site but I do love classic forum communication and hope to be able to blend in with the community.
  3. Has its moments, but the gameplay feels a little contrived and the story is pretty anticlimactic.
  4. I played the Moorhuhn games a lot as a kid and actually thought this was a legitimate offshoot of that franchise but apparently it's just a ripoff. Probably would have fooled me back in the day as well if I were old enough to buy games by myself at the time and if I lived just one country further east.
  5. Mira


    Not really insanity, more like mild disappointment and confusion.
  6. Mira


    This one's alright but I really feel like they should have done more with the story, have it feel like it was really building up to something rather than coming across as a series of disjointed events without much of a logical conclusion. This still has good graphics and atmosphere though.
  7. Mira

    Left Alone

    I think I'm gonna leave this game alone
  8. I think this whole game was developed by a single person, and while some of the things he was able to accomplish on his own are pretty impressive, I can't help but wonder if it was really worth the effort because, on the whole and judged by its own merits, this game is not very good. Bland Lovecraftian horror, visuals mostly ranging from uninteresting to cheesy, and a story that just didn't hook me (and no gameplay to speak of either since this is basically a walking sim with some chase scenes thrown in). Not something I'd recommend.
  9. I'm not sure if this is something Ross would enjoy (I'm going to guess he will either be disappointed by the lack of payoff to the supposed supernatural elements or be worn down by the emotional family drama) but I found this a really wonderful experience myself, with a consistently interesting story, a great atmosphere and truly sublime visuals and art direction. My only problem is that the mouse-and-keyboard controls felt really counter-intuitive but that's honestly a very minor issue for a game like this. This would absolutely get a "fantastic" rating from me.
  10. This game doesn't really have sad moments, just "OH GOD!" moments.
  11. Very short and not all that substantial but I can't deny that there's some suspense in the gameplay. A good way to spend your 30 minutes probably.
  12. Mira


    I thought it was very immersive and atmospheric. The story had a little less going for it than the game wanted me to believe, but I'm glad I got to play it nonetheless.
  13. Mira


    This is like Armed & Delirious if it were made by people who wanted others to have fun while playing it.
  14. This was a great recommendation. Despite being kind of unfairly difficult I still have a blast attempting to beat this every now and then. Make sure you take a "paranoid" character along with you if you want to stand even a modicum of a chance.
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