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  1. How is this a Souls-like game? It's a 2D platformer. I hate gamepads and even I think a mouse really isn't necessary for this.
  2. ^ good https://danileepearce.bandcamp.com/album/for-as-briefly-as-i-live
  3. Mira


    Slightly mixed feelings about this one but overall a positive impression. On one hand, the story is a complete mess that feels less like a coherent narrative and more like a bunch of loose plot elements and sci-fi tropes that the developers weren't sure what to do with (although it at least feels like they cared about it, whatever it is). On the other hand however, the visual style, graphics, sound design and general atmosphere are all superb, and it seems that I'm in the minority on this but I found the dream sequences very well done and interesting. "Style over substance" is probably an apt description but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.
  4. Mira


    One of the best "walking simulators" I've played. The story, characters, voice acting and visuals are all good as others have mentioned but I think the part where it outdoes other games of its kind is, ironically, the gameplay. It really makes use of the unique traits of the medium of videogames to tell its story rather than just being a straightforward linear narrative. Also, I have to thank it for introducing me to the band Floating Room.
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