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  1. Mira


    I don't know what to think. The backgrounds and environments are very well done, but the animations are a bit rough around the edges. The main character's voice is solid, the other voice actors range from over-the-top to downright amateurish and the sound effects can get annoying too. The gameplay has a lot of pixel hunting. The story kept me interested enough to want to see it through to the end but I don't like how it needlessly plays up the cruelty for shock value, and the supposedly big reveals at the end just left me cold. I really like the idea of going through an abandoned place, following in the footsteps of dead people and reading their logs along the way, but it's not done organically here like in BioShock or Soma; it's just a collection of tangentially related biographies that you stumble upon one after another. I think I understand what the "doubt" rating means a little better after playing this. I wouldn't say I regret putting in the effort but there are much more enjoyable adventure games out there than this, and certainly much better stories with similar themes as this one.
  2. You're on the internet, dude. It takes less effort to look up what something means than to say that you don't know what it means.
  3. But the Tornado II is confirmed to not have a landing gear. We never see it taking off in the traditional way: instead it just sort of hovers inside some sort of cannon which it's seemingly propelled out of, and in the end Tails admits he downright forgot to install a landing gear before crashing it onto the Egg Carrier: From the way Tails treats his plane in Sonic Heroes I infer that in his eyes, destroying your plane (which requires a Chaos Emerald in order to work) and building a new one every time is apparently more cost- and/or time-efficient than actually putting a landing gear on one.
  4. I really like this one, although I admittedly didn't do any replays: I actually managed to get a somewhat hopeful ending on my first run and am too afraid to screw everything up beyond repair if I try to do things differently.
  5. Mira


    The environments and artwork overall are gorgeous and really suck you in. I wasn't expecting too much from the plot but it actually managed to surprise me a few times and didn't make me feel like I'd been cheated; certainly not a traditional detective story. It does have a share of bland voice acting which I'm going to blame on the writing being a bit stilted and unnatural in spots, though not enough to detract from the overall experience in my opinion.
  6. I collect CDs, which I see as a sort of compromise between efficiency and the desire for tangible material possessions. I still enjoy having my music around as physical objects, but CDs are overall the cheaper, more durable and more space-friendly option, and it's a lot easier to extract data from them if I want to. I'm sure I'll eventually cave in and buy some vinyl once I'm no longer able to control my urge to acquire obscure avant-garde jazz releases from the 70s and 80s that have never been re-released on CD, but for the moment there's still a wealth of weird music on CD to sate my hunger.
  7. That's not a defense, that's just downplaying the issue. You can't seriously think that it'll just be people over 65 who will want to avoid polling places for fear of infection. I see you still haven't actually watched the video Kerdios posted which pointed out that two-thirds of voters who plan to show up at the voting booth are Trump voters while nearly three quarters of mail voters plan to vote for Biden, and you also didn't read the part where I said that the president merely being willing and able to sabotage the election process in order to improve his own chances is disgusting and disconcerting in and of itself. Whether it will be effective or not is irrelevant right now; this should not be acceptable.
  8. You're doing a lot of beating around the bush just to avoid admitting that you don't really have a defense for the administration's kneecapping of the postal service, a transparent act of sabotage in order to influence the election in favour of the incumbent president. Who's to say it'll stop here if people don't take a stand against it? Whether or not this specific measure will end up being a crucial factor in Trump "stealing" the election is impossible to say right now, but you are not being honest if you wave this off as nothing significant.
  9. I can sort of hear a distant similarity to Ross's voice, but this guy is annoying. The tension in his voice doesn't rise and fall naturally at all, instead he just yells the whole time like his house is on fire. I could listen to Ross ramble for hours, but I had to turn this video off after 10 minutes because I was getting exhausted.
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