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  1. I don't think it's that big a deal; it's not like he's handed out awards for every episode since he first introduced them anyway. I'd rather he include them when he actually has ideas for them rather than divert time towards them by default. On another note, from the samples shown in the video I think the Pegasus Prime version of the Mars Maze theme sounds slightly better. The mix of the original sounds pretty sparse and has a lot of empty spots; adding droning noises is a bit of a cheap way to fix that, but I think it basically works in giving the music sound more "full" and giving it a more flowing, legato feel (not to mention distracting a bit from the dated samples)
  2. I feel like there's a lot of miscommunication in this discussion In isolation, telling a joke that denigrates another race when no one of that race is present may not cause any direct harm, but if you are of the opinion that every human being is by their nature prejudiced against "the other" to some conscious or subconscious degree (I'm inclined to agree with you on that point because I'm a helpless pessimist), wouldn't that be a reason for such an impulse to be persistently suppressed at all times, and not to be seen as something that's acceptable to indulge in? If xenophobic beliefs are so omnipresent and commonly held it's no wonder that they cause real tangible harm so often when people keep affirming them among each other.
  3. Even after staring at it for a while I can't decide if the face is supposed to convey chillness and general stoic cool gal energy in the face of danger or just simple tiredness and annoyance at whoever is talking. It's quite charismatic in any case, 9/10
  4. Lots of pixel hunting and bullshit puzzles in this but definitely worth it. I was surprised by how well the story works: it hits that delicate balance between revealing just enough by the end to feel satisfying but not too much so as to demystify everything.
  5. Not what he said; his goal was to point to one very specific aspect of prison life - guaranteed means of survival - and the social consequences of this - prisoners not turning into lazy bums but continuing to work - and then extrapolate that to the rest of society if that specific aspect applied to everyone's lives (it's not a completely airtight argument and he himself nuances it in the video at that timestamp)
  6. I've been playing Amnesia: Rebirth recently. I haven't gotten far enough into it yet to determine whether I like it or not but it does one thing that's a major pet peeve of mine: non-English character has an inner monologue or is talking to other non-English characters, not in their native language but in English with an accent (and not a very convincing one either). Either hire a French actress to voice your French main character in French and add subtitles, or just don't bother at all and have your obvious British actress talk in her regular accent. This just breaks the immersion for me.
  7. Better still to just not even waste your precious time. You're never going to change his mind and he himself isn't tactful enough to persuade anyone who doesn't already believe everything he says anyway. Nothing is gained from acknowledging his existence.
  8. I thought the song from Rama with the unknown title at the end of this video was called "Human". No idea if that's the actual title given to it by the composer or just attributed to it by fans.
  9. It is Uwe. Ross talked about him a bit in the Dungeon Siege episode and showed that same picture; I imagine that's why most viewers recognized it right away.
  10. EDIT: that was childish, I apologize
  11. This game looks very interesting, but the Resident Evil-style consumable saves-system is a really hard pill for me to swallow.
  12. They're random voice clips from the "All-Knowing Vortigaunt" whom you can find in the game by jumping into one of the sewer pipes at around 7:40 in the episode
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