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  1. Yes, truly inconceivable that someone would want to make a movie about one of the most destructive and traumatic events of the twentieth century if there weren't some ulterior zionist agenda at play. How dare people see importance in the continued awareness of the Holocaust at a time when 23% of Americans between 18 and 39 years old believes it to be a myth or to have been exaggerated and 12% has never heard of it. Being informed and reminded of the ultimate consequence of demonizing a group of people for the nature of their birth or some other arbitrary trait over which they have no control definitely only serves da juice and not other minority groups and ultimately humanity in general. Blaming the victim, how classy. Transgender people didn't "create" anything; it's not just because it seemed like a thing to do that all throughout recorded history and across widely different cultures people have made the decision to present as a gender other than what they are assigned at birth and in many cases face massive social stigma as a result, but because for those people it is an absolutely necessary step in their path to happiness and a sense of belonging. I would rather die than live an entire lifetime inside the body and gender role that fate handed me at birth; I never asked for this and truly wish I didn't need to carry that burden but I didn't get to make that choice so I'm just gonna have to make the best of it and try not give a damn what other people may think of it. Your disgust towards people whose appearance you find aberrant is not more important than the right of those people to exist as equals in society. Trans memes in the United States complain about Republicans a lot because they are the ones in that country who consistently seek to stymie and roll back equal rights for trans people; it makes no sense to draw it any broader than that. If your aim is to intimidate or demotivate me with that sentence then that's going to be rather lost on me seeing as how I myself am fortunate enough to live in a country where trans rights are not a hotly contested topic of political debate at all, virtually no politician would publicly speak out against trans rights and the few fringe figures who do are strongly criticized all across the political spectrum. It seems like no one here really gives enough of a shit about what trans people do in the bathroom (no pun intended). In fact, right-wing politicians here actually proclaim themselves to be the protectors of the LGBT community against immigrants from the Middle East with a more conservative outlook on those matters. You'd be the real fish out of water over here.
  2. This is why people associate your words with antisemitism and other disreputable ideologies. The article you linked isn't a masterpiece of investigative journalism unveiling a sinister conspiracy, it's an entertainment piece. The only person mentioned in it who says even one word about Israel is the one who's actually Israeli. People wouldn't normally see the information in a silly article like this as proof of some deliberate evil zionist scheme unless they already possessed an inherent aversion and mistrust towards Jewish (or Ashkenazi, whatever, that makes it no better) people in general. The target of your ire is the Israeli government: criticize the Israeli government, don't criticize a group of people whose sole common characteristic is that their ancestors happened to congregate in the southern Levant area two-thousand years ago. Some lovely sense of humour you've got:
  3. nah honey, watching the God's Not Dead trilogy doesn't count as having engaged in good faith with atheists to the point of knowing with any certainty what atheists usually do or say. I guess we now know the value of your "random samples" and "anecdotal evidence" from which you derive your worldview in lieu of professional journalism
  4. I'm gonna have to decline my nomination too; I really don't think I would do a good job and it doesn't feel right for me to take on a responsibility like that when I've only been active here for about a year.
  5. If the crimes committed by the government of a Jewish nation motivate them to label anyone as suspicious solely for being of Jewish descent and proclaiming them to be part of an international conspiracy that pulls the strings of world affairs then yes. At the very least they're misdirecting their anger and causing inexcusable harm. I've been on the internet long enough to recognize patterns. Don't insult everyone's intelligence by pretending to be anything other than what you really are.
  6. What is it about this website that attracts so many not-so-subtle nazis Take a long walk down a short pier
  7. This episode inspired me to recreate the oil rig theme from the game in the style of Michiru Yamane: (some liberties needed to be taken because the first half of the original is basically just drums, bass and noise so I had to create some baroque-ish melodies over it based on motifs from later in the song; it should start to sound like the original from around the 45 second mark onward)
  8. I just don't know about this one, I feel like I got nothing out of it. It's one of those games that looks promising on first glance and that I'll play all the way through hoping it'll eventually feel worth it but after it's done I just end up hating myself for putting those hours into it. I didn't find the story or the characters endearing or interesting at all.
  9. I forgot to mention: this game has a character whose name is literally "Burke Carter". Couldn't they have at least named him Kirk Barter?
  10. I'm beginning to suspect that Reddit is not a very nice place to be
  11. It's Eric "Speedy" MacDoughan, everyone!... Speedy MacDoughan. I for one don't recognize the mushroom next to Harry Buster (and should no doubt be ashamed because of that)
  12. No need to apologize; you've already done an astounding amount of unpaid work for the community. I hope things turn out better for your personal situation in the upcoming year.
  13. For some reason it looks fine to me in the quote box of your post. Might just be a weird browser thing
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