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Planetside 2 play session June 2016

Here’s the stream from the latest Planetside 2 session. This one is higher quality than the last one as I was able to merge two different feeds, so it’s at 1080p and has the game sound also, however I can’t promise it will be that way next time. The OBS stream got out of sync twice and was out of sync with the other game footage recording at least a dozen times. The webcam feed isn’t 100% in sync with everything else, but it’s very close. Anyway, this one started off with me bumbling around, but ended up pretty well with a large uphill battle. It never really resolved itself, but there were some good battle moments in it. New video should be coming in a couple days!

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You can try the IR lamp for the "dark gameplays". You'll need to remove the IR filter from your webcam though.

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'Twas a lot of fun!


Reminder to all: If you're every wanting organized play outside of these play sessions, come find [VCO] Voodoo Company in the Outfit Browser. Doors are open 24/7.


We run casual shit throughout the week, and our Formal Ops Nights - where we run the biggest and most cohesive - are Tue/Fri/Sun 8PM EST.

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