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  1. 'Twas a lot of fun! Reminder to all: If you're every wanting organized play outside of these play sessions, come find [VCO] Voodoo Company in the Outfit Browser. Doors are open 24/7. We run casual shit throughout the week, and our Formal Ops Nights - where we run the biggest and most cohesive - are Tue/Fri/Sun 8PM EST.
  2. Someone in the Outfit made this the other day. To say we're all excited for this is an understatement!
  3. While having a mic certainly removes a handicap to the flow of information you - the soldier - can provide to others in your squad, the Squad Leader, and up the chain of command; VCO has hundreds of dedicated members without mics. The important part is to always be listening. As long as you're sticking close to the squad, following orders, or attempting to get a repeat of what that order was, we know you're listening and that's all that matters. All that being said, I personally consider all of those $100+ gaming headphones to be a total scam. All you need for top-of-the-line audio quality and clear mic transmission is a $30 Logitech headset. That's what I personally use, and as a 1000+ hours Commander where my job is to keep in constant communication with Squad Leads, Special Divisions, and other Outfits, it's served me incredibly well. You could probably go cheaper too and you'd be fine.
  4. Info for VCO (Ross' official liaison Outfit) and its involvement in the 6/18 PS2 event here.
  5. CaptainInArms here for Planetside 2's [VCO] Voodoo Company - the official Ross Scott liaison Outfit on the Emerald New Conglomerate! We simultaneously ran six platoons on three continents last time for Ross' fans to great effect, and we're preparing to do it again. If you want more organization than just randomly following the crowd, make sure to look for squads labeled "ROSS SCOTT OFFICIAL - [Continent Name]" come event time. Our veteran squad leads will be taking in players new and old while working in direct conjunction with Ross while he solos! Don't be afraid to ask questions. Additionally, you can always join VCO at anytime. We take any and all members willing to listen regardless of skill, unlocks, or experience. We run scheduled nights every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday @20:00EST, but we can also have casual squads online at any random time beyond that. Look for us in the Outfit browser! Any questions pertaining to VCO's involvement with the event, VCO as an Outfit, or Planetside 2 in general, feel free to respond!
  6. No mics are necessary! As long you're listening, you're more than qualified. To join, just hop into an open VCO squad through the squad browser between 20:00-22:00EST.
  7. Communications is the key factor in all of this. Without communications to build upon the social aspect, I've found the game to get boring pretty quick. At least in VCO, there's a chain of command involving members/squad leads, squad leads/platoon leads, platoon leads/force commanders, and force commanders/other Outfit's leaders. It can be quite extensive and not always apparent to everyone, but it is there and it's what makes the world go 'round. I think words can't express exactly what we're trying to articulate here. We run Ops ever Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday 20:00EST. They're open to blueberries, but joining the Outfit gets you in for sure. Come on out one of these days!
  8. What he said. Either way, both are a testament to the need for players to join squads/platoons/Outfits. PS2 offers something no other game can, and for that it has my time.
  9. Were you in a VCO squad/platoon? The game is widely considered more fun when with a group, as opposed to lone wolf-ing.
  10. Thanks Sinistar! As long as you're listening, we don't even require a microphone for you to join (but encourage it for obvious reasons). I see a lot of familiar names that have always been silent but always reliable. Also, they use the [squad] and [Platoon] text chat a lot. Our regular "Formal Ops" (not as scary as it sounds, just a set time for something more organized beyond the random casual popup squads) are Sun, Tues, Fri 20:00EST. We are canceling this Sunday's Ops because of the event earlier in the day, but there might be some random squads that pop up. Additionally, we run Air Divison on Wednesdays 20:00EST and Armor Division directly after that at 21:00EST. I don't know if any of these work for you, but that's about as far as our scheduled times go.
  11. No clutter at all! Again, even if the squads fill up to capacity for this specific event, players are always free to join [VCO] so long as: 1) They're willing to listen. 2) Not an asshole.
  12. I have contacted the developers requesting they unlock all the continents and set the game so it's pre-patch population balance. Earlier in a PM message, they expressed willingness to do so. So until they tell us no - or if Ross tells us otherwise - VCO is going full steam ahead!
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