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GOG Winter Games Thing

This is a notice I didn’t get the details on until today, but I’ve been invited to a twitch competition by GOG where they have various people play different games on twitch. I agreed to show up for two of the “events”, Epic Pinball (the old DOS game) and Unreal Tournament 2004. I’m still not 100% sure how this works, but Epic Pinball starts tomorrow and my understanding is there are giveaway prizes to the audience if I do well. Here is a signup thing they have for a chance to win the prizes (I think). I believe they mentioned mice and I can only assume they’re giving out free games since this is GOG:


Here are the dates:

February 17, Noon - 2PM EST: Me playing Epic Pinball
February 24th, don’t know what time yet: Me competing in Unreal Tournament 2004

My streaming will be on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast, although GOG will also have their stream at twitch.tv/gogcom which will switch between other competitors and have commentary like a sporting event, I think. I’m still a bit confused how all this works.

In other news, my voice is about 95% recovered, there should be a new Dead Game News later today, and I hope to have more Freeman’s Mind this month.

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So... Which team are you on?


[EDIT} Found it... Arstotzka.


Honestly, it really is too bad I can't play it with you... I had that game down to a science. Rolled the points over maximum multiple times.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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