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Questions for February 2017 chat

This was actually made a couple weeks ago by the moderator of the accursed farms reddit (again, I’ve had no involvement with reddit until just recently), but if you have any questions or subjects you’d like me to discuss on the next chat, I recommend posting them here . I’ll answer what I can, but if it turns into an overwhelming number, I’ll just go with the most popular ones. The next videochat will be on Feb. 4th, 4pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I hope to have the next episode done before then!

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I'm gonna repeat the same questions I left for "October 2016" that were skipped last time (just two this time):


1. [silly question] Do you have any friends or just know someone who have had experience in S&M or any other stuff like that? What's your opinion on S&M culture in general?


2. Have you thought about creating official “AccursedFarms“ Steam group? That might come in handy for posting announcements and other stuff. Also that would be good for those who doesn‘t have a Twitter account or doesn't visit AccursedFarms site often.

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Ross what's your opinion on participating within politics? Right now I believe politics amount to little more than screaming and pissing contests between asshole extremists. On paper it's supposed to be one of the most important things to participate in as a citizen. But I disagree and I've refuse to participate out of protest for better treatment and respect all around. The toxicity, polarization in politics is utterly intolerable and I won't tolerate it. I think many others feel this way as well if the statistic that 80% of Americans didn't vote is anything to go by. I've had people call me out saying that either I'm being childish or a coward. But I believe this is the only reasonable thing to do at this time.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Ross here's a couple of questions I hope I'm not late to ask.


1. what do you think of the Zenimax occulus suit? What do you think of the recent court ruling? And how do you think this will affect VR?


2. If you could guest star in another youtube show which show would you love to appear in?


3. Have you considered pursuing a voice acting career? I think you would great at it. Maybe there's a polish company that's seeking English dubbers. You certainly could beat the one's that voiced Chosen Well of Souls.

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