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  1. Hello Ross, Could you save the memory of Rule of Rose ? It's a victorian Silent Hill 2, with only children and a dark history. I claim with conviction: play it, you will not forget this game. The sad thing is the world already has. The jewel is lost. I heard you last chat, you thought it was dead games news. It's not. It was a lament. I've sent you a bunch of e-mails about it over the last seven years, but I guess I've never had the chance of being heard in my life. Kind of like the children in Rule of Rose. You will love the music. You will love the mood. You will not understand the story. And you will say "oh my god" to the anachronic/frustrating fighting system. You will say WTF more than once. You may like the maps, seing that reality and nightmare have merged with inteligence all the way. And overall, playing it over and over again, you will see that everything makes connections, that everything is a symbol, has a meaning, that everything in this long, long nightmare is a beautiful fragment of a dramatic tale. Since the ruleofrosemysteries website has died, years ago, the library of thoughts has burned and nothing is left but the wiki and the maps. Don't make a game dungeon. Just play it. I just want to know it's not dead.
  2. Ross, can you save the memory of Rule of Rose ? Wish you well.
  3. -When I first saw Belial from your last game dungeon, I mean the real beginning of the video, I thought this guy looks like Ross. (Especially the creepy smile : ). Are you related in anyway to Belial ? -Any plans for still life 2 ? I'm too lazy to search the spoilers on youtube. -Last unlikely shot in the dark: Any plan for rule of rose ? Since the website rule of rose mysteries died, there is nothing left to study this weird piece of art. Peace out
  4. Can you tell us more about Still Life 2 ? And I'm aware it's a shot in the dark but since ruleofrosemysteries is dead, I'd like it if you someday made something about rule of rose. It has a kind of mood you may like (and controls you may hate). Cheers
  5. Regarding the next video chat I have a thought that's been bugging me for a while now. Dear Ross, I noticed many of the question you answer to are neither related to your videos nor to videogames or machinima. To be more specific, I noticed you often had the chance to give advice to people wondering about the best choices to make in life. (Regarding sleep, highschool, how to work, how to find idea, how to stay fit and so on. The list grew quite a lot over the chats) This intrigues me on a sociological point of view. This makes me think that you've become popular enough to be sort of like actors who became politician as they had a reliable fanbase that listen to them. On the spectrum of people currently watching your video, it has become interesting in more ways than one. Most people probably don't care about what you think or have nothing to ask you, but a few think you're worthy enough to ask you advice in how to lead one's life. This is pretty interesting. How do you feel about the questions you receive regarding advices about how to live ? Also do you think they are clues about a wider phenomenon on a sociological aspect ? (btw, I became scientist partially thanks to freeman. But I ain't as mad as your freeman. (yet)) I hope your life in Poland goes well, seems like a very nice and interesting country. (Also if you want to think about Rule of Rose (if you have the time and wish to, once upon a time...) it would be much appreciated, since ruleofrosemysteries is dead now.)
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