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Team Fortress Classic game instructions

I’ll be having a playsession with fans playing Team Fortress Classic. The instructions are pretty simple. Launch the game in Steam, click “Find Server.”

Server name: AF Server
Password: puppy

I plan to primarily be playing “push” maps. The main ones I want to run are dustbowl and warpath, though we could also do avanti and hunted if people are interested. If you’ve never played TFC before, that’s no problem. I recommend playing soldier or heavy weapons guy if you’re unfamiliar with the game. The great thing about push-style maps is even if you don’t know any of the objectives, if you’re just moving in the same direction everyone else is and attacking the enemy, you’re still helping the team. The game should be easy to run, but running it in widescreen takes more work.

I’m playing TFC over TF2 since I was never crazy about the Pixar-style of TF2, plus I prefer how respawning is instant, so there’s no downtime waiting to come back into the game.

You’ll be able to view the game live tomorrow on June 22nd at 5PM UTC on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Im_CIA said:

Bring back War3



I might skip this one as I'm not sure if I'd have fun with it, I've never played the game so I'll likely get stomped, and I played it like once, and it was just really finnicky, compared to Team Fortress 2.


I think I would rather do something like Sven Co Op, it's less competitive at least, and everyone gets to have fun hopefully.

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9 hours ago, captainlamppost said:

Off topic, are you going to be doing anymore Game Dungeon episodes? 

One coming out soon:


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