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Videochat January 2017

January Videochat with fans. Mentioned some plans for the year, also I am discontinuing the Planetside 2 sessions as I’m afraid the game is just losing interest for me. You can suggest other games to take its place (link below). Had a few tough questions towards the end this time!

January 21st 2pm EST
Live game session with fans. Don’t know which game yet! Vote on any suggestions here:

February 4th 4pm EST
Next video chat.

Both will be live on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast and posted to Youtube later.

Previous videochats here:

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Here's the latest videochat. Besides just giving some general plans on what's coming up, the main announcement is I'm discontinuing the Planetside 2 sessions, since it's just not as fun for me anymore. The gameplay changes that were made after I made the recruitment video took some of the life out of the game for me. You can vote on what game to replace it with HERE however. Multiple game dungeons being worked on in the near future, at least one of them coming out this month!



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UT2004 would be a great alternative to PS2. That's my pick.


BTW Ross I'm sorry if my question regarding the movie made you upset. I was judging from my own experiences with things taking years long to make. By the time a year had passed while I was developing the game it felt like I was going and circles and wasting time. At that point I was just done with it and practically out for blood so I canned it. Even if I did finish it would've been a half baked mess. I think I made the only sensible choice there was and I would've dug myself into a hole had I continued.

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I have been highly addicted to the Hearts of Iron series as of late never knew it existed until recently i kind of hope to see a Game Dungeon about some obscure grand strategy game sometime in the future i feel like that genre doesn't get enough exposure.

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I been hearing about channels dealing with older or PD movies being buttfucked with copyright claims.

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Speaking of games that have better scenery than gameplay, I'm wondering whether you've heard of Remember Me before!

It's probably the most beautiful game I've ever played, and I can recommend it for that alone. The gameplay is... well, it's okay. There's a thread on this very forum discussing the game (and it includes a review I did!).

I'd say it's worth a look at least, I have a feeling you might enjoy it - and it would make for a great Game Dungeon episode too.

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