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  1. Man this site and its forums seem kind of dead now days
  2. This is the first time I have realized how far this little project has come since the old days of Civil Protection.
  3. I can't remember how far he is from getting a gun attached to the boat.
  4. One of these days Pigeon Hunter will get the sequel it deserves.
  5. I worked in New Mexico for a while and the old version is definitely more accurate.
  6. Now this here is a feature I have been hoping would become a thing on this site for years now.
  7. Man the forums on this site seem to have died ugh i hate reddit.
  8. Did everyone switch over to the reddit page instead of using the forums?
  9. Somehow i never knew until this episode that you could shoot out that transformer and cut the power
  10. Kingdom Come Deliverance due to its unique status is worth a video at some stage
  11. I always feel urges to invade Poland must be the German in me
  12. Well my hair is depressingly thinning out so now its time to form a paramilitary organization and put all non balding people in camps!
  13. I have heard the name of this game but i have no idea what its about or anything i have been on a binge of grand strategy games as of late.
  14. I have been highly addicted to the Hearts of Iron series as of late never knew it existed until recently i kind of hope to see a Game Dungeon about some obscure grand strategy game sometime in the future i feel like that genre doesn't get enough exposure.
  15. i really wanna see you do a review of one of the Geopolitical Simulator games
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