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  1. Man this site and its forums seem kind of dead now days
  2. This is the first time I have realized how far this little project has come since the old days of Civil Protection.
  3. I can't remember how far he is from getting a gun attached to the boat.
  4. One of these days Pigeon Hunter will get the sequel it deserves.
  5. I worked in New Mexico for a while and the old version is definitely more accurate.
  6. Now this here is a feature I have been hoping would become a thing on this site for years now.
  7. Man the forums on this site seem to have died ugh i hate reddit.
  8. Did everyone switch over to the reddit page instead of using the forums?
  9. Somehow i never knew until this episode that you could shoot out that transformer and cut the power
  10. Kingdom Come Deliverance due to its unique status is worth a video at some stage
  11. I always feel urges to invade Poland must be the German in me
  12. Well my hair is depressingly thinning out so now its time to form a paramilitary organization and put all non balding people in camps!
  13. I have heard the name of this game but i have no idea what its about or anything i have been on a binge of grand strategy games as of late.
  14. I have been highly addicted to the Hearts of Iron series as of late never knew it existed until recently i kind of hope to see a Game Dungeon about some obscure grand strategy game sometime in the future i feel like that genre doesn't get enough exposure.
  15. i really wanna see you do a review of one of the Geopolitical Simulator games
  16. I am curious to know if you have been considering creating any sort of new machinima series or if you are just going to wait until you finish up with the movie.
  17. This makes me think of the time you spoke of "hell jobs" in that murder mystery episode of GD and reminds me of my own current job in a way i am a combo welder now for some reason i have always worked in the oil industry but where i am currently employed is a total hell job and how i got into welding is beyond me its full of rednecks and other unsavory characters but the money is there so whatever i just hate the conditions at times the hilarity of this all is that i have a degree in computer science and quit out on programming because i hated the conditions.
  18. Well Ross i will just your word on this game and never play it lol
  19. Holy cow the donation thing was a huge success time to bro down.. lol
  20. Oh my god the Dawn of War theme i love that music it fits Warhammer 40K so perfectly lol
  21. I can't really have a unbiased opinion because i have never been a fan of Lets Plays but if i was to make a suggestion it would be to go a route sort of like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout Lore series by Shoddycast where you make yourself a avatar of some sort that travels around the video game universe talking about the lore of old games.
  22. Here is another old possibly obscure game i recall playing in the mid 90's that i think was fun.
  23. Sorry about that was caught up in how Gabe Newell has become Horus lol
  24. I feel like Gabe Newell is more along these lines now days
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