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Videochat April 2020

Lots of rambling, new Game Dungeon coming soon.

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"It's not impossible for me to be a billionaire, but if I'm a billionaire, then a hamburger is worth millions".


Ross is a human quote generator.

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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Do we have a secretary who has timestamps for questions talked in this videochat?



I was looking for something said on accursedfarms about cyberpunk 2077 and wanted to hear if ross had anything to say about it yet.

the reddit question order and estimated video time has been the go-to method







also why can't I cross-quote between threads? post hyperlinking the only way?








embedding images automatically via urls is really meta.

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Ross, I know you usually like to play games blind, but I highly, HIGHLY recommend having some sort of guide with Dark Souls 1. It can get infuriatingly cryptic and lead to wasted time and sections being even more unfairly difficult than they were supposed to be. At the very least, definitely look up how to find Havel's Ring and the Ring of Favor and Protection, and slap them on immediately (and then never take them off, because the latter disappears if you do and the game never tells you this). The game can border on unplayable without them.

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