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  1. We've been hearing that, we're still looking for a solution and we're up for suggestions. I can't make an exception for RSS feeds because that opens the site to an attack. I've disabled attack-mode but it still seems to have this behavior.
  2. Not that I know of, I need to look into it this weekend.
  3. Yeah our system just hides everything for later review. It doesn't delete anything. I have many questions.
  4. I don't see anything indicating something was blocked or caught? The spam filter, if triggered, hides the post and completely locks the account. It only affects new accounts which yours is not.
  5. Nah you're fine. Spam has been off-the-charts and I set our system up to be a hair too jumpy. You're our inside to the CIA. You get press privileges.
  6. @Emby I had to lift an extra flag. You should be able to post now.
  7. Welcome, you triggered our spam alert, please ignore that account notification, I undid it. Please keep "shitposting" to a minimum and politics designated to relevant threads.
  8. I'll look into it. Do you mean just showing as offline when you sign in, or anonymous posting? We're not enabling anonymous posting but I can see what we can do for offline mode.
  9. Nah no need, just tightening things up. The source of today's woes were from an automatic update gone sideways. Our VPS manager decided to apply an update without warning us. I figured I would use the down-time to update some things.
  10. Starting today we will be disabling the ability to sign in with your display name. This is not secure since display names are publicly viewable. Additionally we will be requiring stronger passwords when creating an account or changing your password. Since the site was down this morning I took the opportunity to update things on our ToDo list. Update: We are now restricting the use of disposable email addresses. Anyone who signed up with a disposable/temporary email address such as MailCatch.com, will be prompted to change their email address. New registrations will be prompted to use a real email address if they attempt to use a disposable email address. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or rude remarks, please let me know below.
  11. It doesn't appear that it was an injection attack, the entire service was just non-operational. I think it had something to do with caching, but I'm still investigating. I will need to dig deeper after work.
  12. The site went down around 3 AM this morning. It appears that the MySql service completely quit on us. I re-installed the service and the site is functional again. We also took advantage of the outage to apply patches, which because IPB doesn't decouple urgent patches from theme updates, has altered and broken some visual features. We will be repairing those over the next few days and there may be intermittent outages as we do. Edit: It appears that our VPS administration software decided to attempt an update at 11:00PM last night with a reboot around 3AM. The update went sideways and corrupted the MySQL service. A re-install of the service fixed the issue and all data appears to be in-tact.
  13. We're not. If they come back to continue the argument, simply report the post and we'll take care of it. I encourage not engaging with people like that, as it doesn't go anywhere productive.
  14. Banned and reported to the local authorities. As a side-note to everyone, even if you're pissed or joking, I'm obligated to report crap like this, please don't give me more work. No one gets banned here for right-wing views, left-wing views, or really anything on that spectrum. What people do get banned here for are threats, ad-hoc insults, and hate speech as defined by the Supreme Court. "If this post gets banned or I get a point against my account I will dump my used motor oil into the river in the city downstream from mine. You WILL pay for your arbitrary "justice", jannies!"
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