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  1. Banned because this thread is still active! O_O
  2. Banned because you're the person above me.
  3. Banned for a creative reason. The process: Loop through characters, get key character of same position, xor integer version of character with integer version of key character (e.g. B xor a, a xor 3, ...), add 37, convert to ascii character. To reverse, do the reverse ._.
  4. Banned for having a pet. That's not what it says ._.
  5. Banned because I copy and pasted it from the forum and checked it was still reversable, it is ._. It's really simple though, trust me on that. Any hints I could give you would give it away instantly, due to the simplicity.
  6. Ç68;33v>:$y$653!?08?y:"03'x-=79y!!7 Ten points to whoever figures that one out! If anyone (you know who I'm expecting to ._.) gets it, because it is quite easy really, I'll do something harder. "a32123241253542135245124214512351245". You'll need that. Oh, and +37 is a good hint. I had to do that so no weird characters came out that the forum couldn't show. It does start with "Banned".
  7. Banned for running off of 1.4V
  8. Banned for breaking the forum. Both of you! That's right, I know you both infiltrated 1&1 to reduce the database size limit!
  9. Banned because I'm the moon, I don't pay * dental fees.
  10. Oh I thought the thread was about actual dream sharing o_O Like, you dream something at the same time as someone else... heh, oops.
  11. Just... post any dreams you've had recently. I had a weird one two days ago. It was about this forum. It was dead and had about one post per day, in the pony thread. It annoyed Ross and he closed it with some speach that I can't remember on the blog. Then... even though it was in active, a ton of members complained and he wouldn't reopen it... strange subject for a dream, I know o_O
  12. Xabb.e gocbi a ecuu.p.by t.fxrape nafrgy!
  13. Banned because I don't think that means what you think it means.
  14. 20 years from now I'll be running Crysis on my wallpaper... using an emulator ಠ_ಠ
  15. Banned for everything you stand for. Fun fact: I have no idea who you are, and I won't until after I post this reply due to being on page 1 ;D
  16. Banned because I don't even listen to dubstep o_O
  17. Banned for dropping the internet.
  18. Funny, noone actually took the deed from me, so it's still mine ^_^
  19. Banned for the latest ban reason as whoever is reading this is reading it.
  20. Banned for getting it wrong! It's just Tuturu! ._. Now for Obsidian... Banned for... erm... playing too much tetris.
  21. 20 years from now, we'll all live in the future.
  22. Banned for working on the railroad.
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