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  1. Man, this is fucking cruel from ya you know.
  2. This was the best episode maybe since episode 18, really laughed hard, especially at the end. )
  3. anthony: Další Pražák? Teď se to tady zvrhne v slovanskou diskuzi, kurva.
  4. SirNicholas: No no no, the center of Europe is of course magnificant city of Prague! Cheaper beer here than in Germany also... However, all FM fans should meet up in Innsbruck
  5. I'm 100% sure that after releasing another FM episode, some catastrophy will happen. Because FM, Ross Scott and his fans are cursed and with every release something happens, what delayes another episode for a month or two (or seven). Machinima, broken mic, illness, moving, alien invasion, third world war. I guess North Korea will really bomb america like in their cool videos, because FM mustn't be on time!
  6. He is getting ready to spit out a whole new set of FM. He is working on the next one right now. Well, I've heard this sentence multiply times. ) (I don't mean nothing bad by this)
  7. Though I don't usually like "special videos" because they always mean one thing, and one thing only; delayed FM, this was gooood. Too much random for me, but a good atmosphere. After all these years, I'm gettin used to not having FM every two weeks, so maybe I'll be more able to enjoy other stuff from Ross. I might add that Ross is creating someting special and original, and now it's getting its own shape already.
  8. A czemu nie? Byłeś na jakimś koncercie? Na razie mam kubek z Pragi Jj, byl jsem na koncertě, když hráli v Praze v roce 2009. Když už jsme u toho cestování, zítra ráno jedu do Kyjeva, hlavního města Ukrajiny. Doufám, že mě tam nikdo nepobodá.
  9. Great_Destroyer czy ty jesteś fanem Nine Inch Nails, czy twój nick pochodzi od czegoś innego? Teda, to by mě nenapadlo, že je na Accursedfarms tolik poláků! Zdravím, ano přesně tak, jsem fanouškem Nine Inch Nails Prahu musíš vidět, skutečně je nádherná.
  10. I to lubię w waszym języku. Serio! Byłem niedawno w Pradze i to wasze "v" bardzo ułatwia czytanie, zwłaszcza obcokrajowcom. obcokrajowcom ) je "cizinec" v češtině. Myslím, že "kurwa" zní lépe, je to takové tvrdší, s polskou výslovností. Doufám, že se ti v mém rodném městě líbilo. PRAHA je podle mne krásná. Bydlím tu celý život. Odkud jsi ty v polsku? Říká se, že polština je francouzštinou slovanů. Poláci jsou můj nejoblíbenější národ.
  11. "Kurwa" ) Yeah, in czech it's kurva, we don't use "w" at all.
  12. yeah I tried to put these sentences into GT to see if it makes sense in english, and it doesn't ) that's the beauty of slavic languages. Though I'm surprised that I understood everything to Jek Jek Roo, he/she understood to me too. Polish and Czech isn't that similar, many words are the same but means something different... For example polish word for "search" sounds the same as a czech word for "fuck". So life is searching, yeaaaahh.... )
  13. Ross!!!! You probably could not come up with this idea when you were in Poland, couldn't you?!!!! It would be just around the corner for me then, since I'm from Czech Republic. As your biggest and most faithful fan, and you know it, I feel kinda offended by this. I don't know if Virginia even exists and you are planning a meeting there. Well I hope you will penetrate it well, americans! Welcome to Whoreginia then! This is too mainstream.
  14. ******************************************* Taky je mám rád. ) Rozumim ti všechno, poláku. Rozumíš ty mě? ) Dostanete na prdel na Euru 2012 ) Pozdrav slovanskému bratrovi z Čech od pepíků...
  15. Anglophone people can just STFU, they are not interesting at all in this matter. Anglofonní lidé mohou prostě DKH, nejsou vůbec zajímaví v této věci. In the time of google translator we all can chat in our own language without any problem. V době google translatoru můžeme kecat v našem vlastním jazyce bez jakéhokoliv problému.
  16. That sounds familiar, isn't that you my sweetheart?
  17. Tak kurva, kde je další díl? Zase se to nějak zaseklo, Ross se určitě stěhuje na Aljašku nebo co.
  18. Welcome to the forums! *hugs* Thanks! I would really enjoy a hug from a lady equiped like you!
  19. I'm Petr from Czech Republic, how many of you know where is it without using google? 23 years old mofo
  20. What? BUUUGS!!! This is MY air vent. Hey this is a dead end... AND SO ARE YOU!!! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! These bugs think they own the place. Well there's gonna be some restructuring around here. Man, today is so counter-intuitive to everything I did in grad school. I would shout and break stuff there too, but that never got anything DONE. Scheduled chaos theory? That makes as such sense as grounded aviation, or deep sea astronomy. I'm kinda glass, in a way. I'll tear people to shreds when I can't do my job. Alright, so, this is not very comfortable. UUUGH! HAAA! O-okay! That water's got some electricity running through it! I didn't really plan for that, but that's ok, that's ok! (I love the voice acting here ) That's all for episode 8, probably my most favourite.
  21. First was released at 3.12.2007. Today we got 27.5.2012 and episode 41. It's about 54 months, so 1.3 of episode per month. My guess is that it's about 25 episodes to the end of HL1. Then about 100 to HL2, and let's say 50 for both of episodes (I'm not that naïve to belive that Ep3 will be out anytime soon). It means we got about 175 episodes left to the end of the story and if the present trend continues, the very last episode will be out at year 2031. Nineteen years from now. Which probably means that it will never happen. I don't know how old Ross is, from one of the video interview I would say about 25. In his 44 he will be probably married, have children and he definitely won't be interested in putting his time to FM. Now... LET THE RIOTS BEGIN!!!!
  22. Well I think we just found out how to make CP more popular. Ross has to somehow add some boobies in it. Because we all know the old saying which is always right.. Show tits or GTFO!
  23. Hell I understand pretty well to obsession with boobs, but what is that fork thing, buddy? Besides, anything what discuss nice boobs can't be "offtopic" in any situation.
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