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  1. So Freeman's mind 2 is set to continue? Awesome. With the sort of views it was getting it would of been crazy not to continue it.
  2. For an April fools video it certainly has gotten a lot of views...
  3. Ya I was thinking about too, there's certain parts of the engine that seem to have a mind its own. From what I hear Skyrim's engine is just a retooled version of Fallout 3's engine, which is a retooled version of Oblivion's engine. If only they took the time to just make a better, more stable engine instead of recycling the old temperamental one. . . if only.
  4. So I assume the coming schedule based on priority is: 1. THE MOVIE, which will take up a considerable amount of time for the next several dog years/doggy decades. 2. Game Dungeon, which will be used as filler to keep the masses satisfied during the development of the movie. 3. Other minor things, which we will only know about. . . when we know them. 4. Civil Protection, which may or may not appear during the development of THE MOVIE. likely after the movie. 5. Freemans Mind, which will most likely appear after THE MOVIE. Its time will come again, for now it sleeps. 6. P̛͇̥͓͇̠̳͍r͎̖͔̻̟̞̖a̵̗̦͍̱̹ỵ̢̫͚e̡̜̙̦͎r̼͚̰̥͕̀s͕̮̠̳ ͍̟͖͙͡ṭ̩͈͙̜̀ͅo̜̤̱͜ ̟͓͎̼t̡̤̺̮͈h̕e̴̼̜ ̢̠S̴̭un̻̙͇̜̜͡k̘e̵͔̹̟͙̘͙n̙̪̙͙͔͚̙ O̳͇̜͉̺̣̗̕n҉̪̯̙͉̭̯̞ḙ̰̻͈̪ If I were to recommend a game with a lot of assets for THE MOVIE: Skyrim. Skyrim has a tremendous amount of assets and the TES creation kit will allow you to make just about anything with them. Though the only thing that goes along with that is learning how to use the creation kit or at least finding someone who knows how to use it. Though I suppose you're going to have to start looking for people to help with THE MOVIE. Its time to recruit a team of machinimanauts, with attitude!
  5. You're not being paranoid Freeman, you were right all along. All that have eyes are spying on you. All that have ears are listening for your secrets. And all that breathe are intentionally stealing your oxygen.
  6. Alright Ross, you fulfilled your end of the bargain so I guess I will fulfill mine. . . I'll administer the antidote while you sleep.
  7. Freeman talking about being some sort of a religious icon to the aliens was amusing considering how that actually turns out.
  8. Should start planning some sort of party for the last episode. Well... not the last last episode, I imagine that Freeman's journey will continue in some sort of sequel game.
  9. "He's a Galactic stoner" That could make for a rad shirt.
  10. I heard the IFF on those robot attack dogs was a bit sketchy. Perhaps we could just settle for genetically altered house cats that are 200% their normal size or maybe some of those pastel colored talking equines that everyone is raving about. Ya that's the ticket!
  11. Video so popular it crashes the site? Isn't that sort of a problem you want to have? I mean who needs uptime when you're too busy being awesome!
  12. What? No traumatic alien-gun rectal devastation? I'm disappointed.
  13. K0Z

    April News

    Guywiththeglasses sounds like a fairly nice person, is this perhaps someone we heard about before? In retrospect, you probably should have kicked them to the curb a while ago. But even still, good on you. You are the best Half-life2 machinima creator ever, you deserve better than them. If Guywiththeglasses' deal is better than anything Machinima.com is trying to cobble together than it probably would be best to go with him.
  14. K0Z

    April News

    I imagine that this is what you're sort of shooting for here Ross.
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