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  1. Hey guys, Not a internet pro by any means, but wondering if anyone wants to help coordinate the effort to get one comment in each current Freeman's Mind pointing to either Accursed Farms or Ross's channel or http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/, etc and we vote it up to the top comment so possible fans will be able to get to supporting Ross's new ventures a little quicker? Just spit-balling, as it were.
  2. Laughs from the home-group here sir. First out loud was the surprise when he fell into the pit, and last the great surprise "bats" during end credits! Luv 'em man! You have three original fans at my house who always get excited and watch your episodes on the 120" projection screen! Your writing beats 90% of all network TV... (yeah, I know that's a low bar, but still...)
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