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  1. Machinima has managed to upload 3 "jet packs" videos in quick succession, making me further hate them for being so damn slow.
  2. This wouldn't seem like such a huge deal if machinima wasn't uploading terrible bullshit videos all day.
  3. While Nox pretty much took a stab at being "like Diablo" i felt it was a much more enjoyable experience. The three separate campaigns for the three classes Warrior, Conjuror, and Wizard were a lot more fun than D2's item grind... even if that grind was much more addictive. The online gameplay and patched in NoxQuest were a lot of fun too, it was a sad day when i realized Westwood went out of business...
  4. Fudumkis


    NOX I'd give you a personal rundown, but I'm a man of few words. The lazy way to say it is it's similar to Diablo. I'm also not sure how obscure NOX is... Seems like no one ever knows what I'm talking about though... All the information on Moby Games is pretty cool, why have i never seen this site before?
  5. Forums look amazing. I noticed i can't see too many posts per page though.
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