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  1. "Oh boy an april fools video from Ross" *watches* That was the last thing I expected and I love it.
  2. We all know with you around, he's basically safe from anything. What if the robot attack dogs he brought start trying for world domination?
  3. So now is my worry about being a part of that guy relevant? Anyway congrats! Im glad to see that you have got some solid ground to stand on now. Just wondering though... If you ever do something other than freemans mind will it also be with in the new place? Congratulations again, I look forward to listening to you ramble on as the one free man. Time to make sure people are spamming Machinima freemans mind videos to help you with the move.
  4. Welp thats that. Machinima has gone to hell, Ross won't die and freeman will return.
  5. Myself, I watch all of Doug's stuff (Ask ThatGuy, Video Game Confessionals, Bum Reviews, etc), Lindsey's stuff (when she's not doing that 50 Shades stuff), Film Brain, Brad Jones, and Obscurus Lupa. But I don't think that Ross is going to be going directly into TGWTG if he does move. I heard he'd go over to the video game section: Blistered Thumbs with Angry Joe and Video Games Awesome (both of which I watch on occasion). Plus, I think most of Ross's fanbase will switch over to wherever he goes. Fair enough, I was just worried about the people in the Machinima fanbase that go "Whens the new Freeman's Mind video?" "What's taking so long Ross?" Then again, the commenters got me to go to this site way back when. Honestly I think I had heard of Blistered Thumbs before but never actually went on to the site... I watch Angry Joe from time to time and while I don't agree on all his opinions, I can enjoy him. Video Games Awesome I rarely watch, I stay subscribed to their youtube channel in the vain hope that I see a new episode of Awesome Video Games... Anyway, back on the point, if we could bring most of the machinima fanbase over to freemans mind then he could get more views possibly.
  6. Thatguy eh? Sounds good, I dont believe he is known for being an insufferable douchebag 1 fear though, If you had your videos on his site, would enough people watch them? Honestly, whenever I watch something on that site I never watch anything besides NC, that will change if you get your videos up there though You could possably lose alot of your Machinma fanbase that have no idea about this site or forums and they would have to be constantly reminded and I doubt you would get a massive fanbase growing from thatguy... Feel free to disagree with my, its just my 2 cents.
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