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  1. Dammit, I wasn't able to make it. I'll definitely watch some of the video though. Also, nice to hear Freeman's Mind will return eventually.
  2. Sounds awesome, I should be able to tune in for that.
  3. I totally understood what you meant, I was playing along with the joke. I too am annoyed by elitist gamers who feel so damn entitled and actually look down on those who do not share their opinions. Those kinds of people still have some growing up to do.
  4. I'm afraid then that I am just a filthy pilgrim who knows nothing. However, I am content with the bliss of this ignorance.
  5. The holy text would be every quote from Freeman's Mind, all of the big points Ross makes in the Game Dungeon, everything he rants about, etc.
  6. Gaben... God? Ross... Jesus? Amazing.
  7. You say that as if Freeman's Mind were a complete disaster. Anyway, I think Ross will do whatever is best. I find the idea of new experimental shows pretty exciting.
  8. Ok, mental memo: when Ross writes "this month", in reality he says "next month". Maybe we misinterpreted it and it was supposed to read: "....video coming this month, possibly two months"
  9. Yeah, I've noticed these threads seem to have a habit of becoming a massive argument over what is "canon" and what isn't. If you ask me, they really should take that elsewhere because this is supposed to be about the final episode of Freeman's Mind, damnnit! This thread shouldn't have pointless arguing, it should be about how Ross did an awesome job with the series (and of course, this episode). I agree. My original reply got lost within two people arguing over ideas they don't even know everything about. That stuff should be moved to a new thread. Also, they would need Marc Laidlaw to join in on the conversation in order for it to be more valid.
  10. I watched this over a week ago and just got caught up on this entire thread, but I'm afraid I don't have too much to say other than stuff that's already been posted, and this thread has gone off on a different tangent by this point. But ANYWAY.... I've been watching this series since April 2010, when I was in eighth grade and episode 27 was out, and have been an avid follower of Accursed Farms ever since. Ross, congratulations on finally wrapping this series up. Freeman's Mind has really had an effect on my personality and sense of humor since I started watching and has given me many laughs, so thank you for that. I really look forward for the announcement video; I want to know what we are all in for this year, especially more info on that full-length movie you mentioned a while back plus other original content. I am really glad you feel the best of your work is still ahead. I do have to say though, (and I hate to be that guy who agrees with another "that guy"), but I agree with RandomGuy in a portion of what he said. I did kind of notice the lack in a change of attidute for Freeman close to the end. I also thought it would have been cool for him to handle the G-man scene a little differently. However, I do understand that Ross was working on a bitch of a deadline, and there was not enough time to put a lot of extra thought into the dialogue. Plus, at that point in the game, Gordon's thoughts are definitely not working the same way our (the viewers') minds are. He has been sleep deprived and stressed for ~4 days and has been through so much shit there hasn't been much time to think. Overall, I think Ross did the best he could with the time he had. Looking forward to more stuff!
  11. I can relate to all this. It was back in 2010 that a friend casually told me about Freeman's Mind (he had watched a few episodes) and we watched at least 20 of them in one sitting (FM was up to episode 27 at that point). I had no prior knowledge of the Half-Life series at all, but after seeing FM (and regaining my breath after laughing so much) I immediately got Half-Life 1 and played through the whole game before FM 28 came out. I ended up playing through the entire Half-Life series within 2-3 months. Just like you, it was Freeman's Mind that got me into PC gaming. I was finishing middle school back then, now I'm in my first year of college. And I was the same way with wanting to see Ross's reactions to things. The rocket launch, the ichthyosaur, the huge cliff, the lambda core, .... xen. I'm hoping Ross will have Freeman recognize the g-man as that guy who kept popping up in strange places in Black Mesa, because there have been several encounters throughout the game that Ross had freeman comment on lightly but he has not connected anything yet.
  12. Have you played Nightmare House 2? It's a horror mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 that I really enjoyed playing. Some pretty spooky moments in that game.
  13. I think a better way of calculating the amount of time Ross has left would be the following: Take the amount of time it took Freeman to do each map, add up all the numbers and divide by 83 to get the average map time. Take the number of maps in each episode, add them up and divide by the number of episodes to get the average number of maps per episode. Multiply these two together to get the average episode duration. Looking at some "Let's plays," the playtime from before the big final fight to the end of Xen seems to be around and hour, give or take. Freeman tends to wander off and he doesn't run everywhere, so we'll stretch that out to 1 hour and 30 minutes or so. Take 1 hour and thirty minutes and divide by the average episode duration to get the number of episodes. Take the last 15 episodes, add up the time between them (Excluding 45 because it's atypical), then divide by 15. as before. Then, take the number of episodes left and multiply them by that number, and you'll have the amount of time left. That's a lot of work, though, and I wouldn't expect anybody to do it. Out of boredom and curiosity, I did a calculation similar to this four or five months ago, right after episode 57 was released. What I did was added up the total playing time of Freeman's Mind up to Episode 57 and compared it with that of at the same point. With a few calculations following that, my result implies that Freeman's Mind should end at approximately 70.82 episodes (70 or 71). However, since two episodes were just spent in Half-Life: Uplink, we add 2 to this number to get (drum roll) .... 72 or 73 episodes of Freeman's Mind! Please bear in mind this is simply an estimate, and only one method of calculating. It could end in 70 or 76 episodes for all we know, but for right now, the most likely number of episodes that should exist once the series is done is 72 or 73.
  14. "Here, let me fucking buy you a drink." "Oh, fucking fiddlesticks." "It's your pet, the freaking head-fucking-humper." "Get out of City 17 as fast as you fucking can, Gordon." My contribution. "FUCKING HAAAAAAX!!"
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