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  1. Forward-reference humour! :') Congratulations on finishing the series, Ross. The finale was perfect and uncompromising. Like many others I hope you continue the series with Half-Life², but only if your sanity can take it. Whatever you do next, I look forward to it. Have a rest, of which no one is more deserving, and a happy new year! P.S. Thanks for the Gonarch-man nightmares!
  2. Woohoo! Almost there. That last, red, portal before the Nihilanth must definitely be a heavy-metal stage. The other rocks are for the public. Or maybe they worship the sounds coming from the portal. Btw, are those there in game, or edited in? (This calls for another play-through!) Also: if I recall correctly in the temple area (where the 'prophet' was shot) there should be another instance of the Exotic Bird sound (or the Cries of the Damned) that was heard in On a Rail (ep 25). Though maybe that only triggers if you enter it from the other red tunnel. Anyway, looking forward to Freeman wrestling the Nihilanth and of course him and the G-Man.
  3. Orgasmic. I have no idea what to do with them (except for auditory ransom notes, of course). But I just love having this kind of stuff. (On a remotely-related note: Valve left some of their alternative recording in the game-files. Look up /steamapps/common/Half-Life/valve/sound/gman/gman_nogregret.wav for an alternative-alternative ending...). Mind-blowing that you've raised so many funds, the internet can be quite awesome at times. And you've earned and deserved every cent of it. If you still feel guilty (or similar) think of it this way: giving money feels generally better than receiving it (several studies indicate thusly [citation needed]), so you might feel awkward for receiving so much. On the other hand, we, the fans, feel good about ourselves for sending so much. So you get to feel good about making us feel good. And in any case you've made quality stuff that far surpasses what other people get paid a lot more for. Looking forward to Freeman in Xen and those mysterious ambitious projects and T-shirts!
  4. That's funny, I've actually played Half-Life a number of times and remember all of the game shown in Freeman's Mind, EXCEPT just now when he jumps out of the water in the steam room and finds a door with a lock. I don't think I've ever found that in my life, which is an incredible discovery for me. Same here, I was well surprised that I'd never seen that before. Also, as far as I can remember that is the only door with a padlock on it in the whole game. Unless I've missed many other such secret doors. I also love how he goes back to get the other rockets once he blew up the tank. People never do that in films/series but always in games and it makes perfect sense. You never know when you need more RPGs and littering is bad. Awesome episode again. Looking forward to the portal-puzzles and Xen!
  5. Damn, that's what I thought as well. My world view is now once again shattered (and I'd just cleaned up from last time). Ross actually in Poland... How's your Polish coming along? Anyway, we should do a European Freeman's Mind meetup. Perhaps somewhere in Germany as it's somewhat more central, though I'd also love to see Poland some day. Any Europeans in favor?
  6. Even more frustrating that the page they linked (and subpages) doesn't even mention the word "incompatible" (or "compatible" for that matter) at all. Anyway, hope you get well, Ross. And that Valve learn us mere mortals cannot read minds.
  7. I like the GameDev Tycoon anti-pirate measures, if only because it fits the game perfectly. GTA should have you getting your shit stolen everywhere you turn, but maybe that would be indistinguishable from the proper game (never actually played it). The problem I have with DRM is that it often hurts paying customers more than pirates. Perhaps more so with films and music than games, but in the end the pirates can usually remove all the restrictions while legal version still has them. Think of DVDs where you have to sit through 15 minutes of previews that you can't skip because the DVD tells the player you can't. With a pirated verion you just click and play and have enough popcorn left over for during the actual film.
  8. Awesome. That thing with the game maps I sort of have with game sound tracks (Must have them all!). If anyone has any idea about the format of the data files, or where/how such information can be acquired I'd be willing to try if I can generate game maps and make Ross' dreams come true. P.S. don't make the videos shorter! I could watch them for days on end.
  9. Alright! Here it is! Now you too can give Dr. Freeman Schizophrenia! http://pastebin.com/dxJCge25 Notes: - Copy and paste the code into a text document and save it with the extension .html - Open the file using an internt browser - Make sure you allow pop-ups and JavaScript on your internet browser - Make sure you've already signed in to your YouTube account before activating - It works on my Chrome and FireFox browsers, but I couldn't get it to work with Internet Explorer - Start with a low number of simultaneous episodes, like 1 - 3, and work your way up. - Pay attention to how much RAM you have left to ensure you don't go overboard. Yes, I made the video. I just played as many episodes as I could to give Ross more views and thought I should share the idea with his other fans, so I recorded it and made a video of it. I think that might mess up your code's formatting. Stick it up on Pastebin, that should work. Thanks for the suggestion. I could put it up online somewhere, but I'd rather wait until I'm sure either a) Ross will still get revenue for his existing videos or b) they'll be hosted somewhere outside Machinima or Youtube. (I already have some perfect domain-names in mind )
  10. This is what happens when art meets commerce/business. (Think: , except that the 'good business' is blowing the crap out of the good guys.)
  11. Damn. That was.. unnerving. Not necessarily creepy, just unnerving. Awesome video, Ross. Too bad the Source engine made production so much less enjoyable than the result.
  12. Damn it, I want ALL the quotes! I can't think of any single t-shirt quote I'd want more than the others. Maybe I should order them all and never have a shortage of t-shirts. xD
  13. Glad to hear you're feeling better. As for the recoding; I'm willing to convert the MKV videos to another format, provided whoever wants them has a place for me to put them. I can convert the videos to practically any format you wish for at no cost to you. Please don't say mediafire or something similar (because of the max file size), and I definitely won't be emailing them. FTP preferred.
  14. I specifically signed up to say: NOOOOOO!!! What about mac users? We can't watch these sweet episodes on our iPhones/iPods/iPads/apple tvs/macs(itunes) mp4 is good as mkv, and easily play at both platforms, but not vice versa!!!(((( WHY??? Here you go: http://www.ffmpegx.com/, it even has a GUI!
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