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  1. I say no. FM should continue with its normal HL1 sounds.
  2. Like? And he better not. Black Mesa Mod looks amazing but it would kill the retro feel and comedy of FM.
  3. Oh, my, THANK YOU, Ross. I thought the same thing, and made a thread about it, only to have everyone disagree with me and rep me down. I would probably not watch the series anymore if it was changed, since it takes the classic feel out of there.
  4. This is one of my favorite episodes in the series. Ross, you did it again! I laughed out loud about 5 times during it
  5. BEFORE it was let out. He just quickly went 'WOAH what the hell ok whatever' I know I'm over exaggerating but still, he just kinda went meh.
  6. Oh, shit, I was was wrong about the WAAAAH. He goes 'Woah' and then doesn't really think much of it, which disappoints me. Same with the grunt reaction. Way too fast.
  7. Anything, such as the second Garg encounter, the tanks, Lambda labs and so on. I seriously can't wait for his reaction to the second Garg and Xen.
  8. Alien grunt lol I like his reaction, but it went too fast. He just kind of went 'WAAAH' and that's it.
  9. Of course I'll enjoy it. Just not as much as before...until he gets to the surface
  10. Isn't that what he has been doing all along, pretty much? Nah, I mean like, he doesn't come up with an original joke anymore. He just goes waaay too crazy. I still love FM though.
  11. Care to say why? Personally, I like the fact he doesn't really remember it right. I think it's funny seeing him re-experience things but differently. Plus it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to the scientists later now that he's basically gonna kill everything. I find it a bit dumb, and it shows that he can't think of any other jokes, that's why he lost his memory. Also, his new reactions aren't even that good. He just shouts at everything now, and acts as if he is on drugs.
  12. FM hasn't been as good as it was before ever since he lost his memory. I'm hoping he gets it back, because it is annoying when he encounters a new threat that he found before, and he barely even reacts to it.
  13. I didn't really like Episode 0 IMO. I would have preferred a weird hallucination.
  14. It is already Thursday. Relax. But if it is NEXT weekend, I will still have to wait a week. Unless if you meant, this weekend.
  15. NEXT WEEKEND?!?!! Fuck me, I hope not!
  16. But I am a turdfetus and I'm proud. I'm pretty rare too so that's cool.
  17. Seriously, wtf is up with machinima!? Can they friggin' upload the video already?!?!
  18. Many people prefer Shephard's Mind to Freeman's Mind. I'm one of those people.
  19. You guys can lock this thread now.
  20. Exactly. Read the post a few more posts above.
  21. If you read my post a few posts above, you can see that I know and I'm very happy.
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