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  1. I loved Freeman's Mind across the universe, and really hope this is the end result. Wonderful news, I've been missing my full recommended daily allowance of sarcasm .
  2. Yeay, he's not still in the work induced coma still! I didn't think I would, but your Game dungeon videos are great at the length you make them, so if it needs to be longer, it'll be worth it. Look forward to the experimental video. It'll be good to see you break from the FM style for something you can have a little more creative joy with. Still hope you consider little vignettes of other games to give the FM fans something to sate themselves with and still try out new things for your movie.
  3. The last moments were the best! Loved the alternate ending, very fitting, a huge high note to leave on. Congratulations, Ross. Wonderful work.
  4. Happy birthday. And of course, congratulations to getting to the last episode. I was always worried that this day would never come. You did great work, and it was a pleasure watching each episode these 7 years. Great work and hope that you start a new series like BioShock, Fallout 3, or HL2 for the next show of yours. With your voice, writing, and editing and work, I would hate for you to give up this medium, It would be a loss to the internet. Congratulations
  5. Wow, really?! Ross, that's very daring and quite impressive to offer that. Interesting about this episode, last thing I expected, and certainly didn't think the vehicle would work at all. Look forward to more and what'll come after. Good filler for the series; was almost expecting a Concerned-esque episode. Maybe next time. Oh by the way, nice job on the Zombie shooter ep. in Dungeon, that was really enjoyable.
  6. Wow. I'm amazed. For those of us that resent what Youtube does to your view counter, will you be using another service like Blip?
  7. Yes, you are right the more I think about it. While I would rather enjoy seeing him branch out in his narrative, I was always laughing at the exploits of Concerned ( http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-01 ) and can see a sarcastic Freeman making HL2 interesting.
  8. I think part of the fun is that Half-life was totally out of synch with reality. I would love to see him take on the cherished Fallout 3.
  9. Congratulations, you deserve it! I hope that you'll share pictures of you and those robot attack dogs. I believe that selfies are fully encouraged in those cases....
  10. Dead Island looks fun, thanks for that one. Deus Ex is one of those I really should get into.
  11. Currently there aren't any games that I'm interested in playing that I can find on my own, so I was wondering if the fans of Ross could come up with a nice long list of good FPS single player games like HL HL2 that are worth buying for the PC and have a story. I don't have a console and have no intention of getting one, but if anyone can suggest some good games in the past 10 years with decent graphics I would be eternally grateful. I see to have difficulty finding a nice comprehensive list of these types of games more than a top 5 top 10 list. Current list of games I played: Fallout 3, 3.5 Oblivion Skyrim BioShock 1,2 (I'll get 3 soon) Witcher 2 Dead Space 2 Metro HL 1,2 Crysis 1,2,3 Farcry 3 COD 4,5,6 Dishonored I would really like to see as many added as possible. Please add all the ones that you thought were worth buying. And thank you in advance
  12. Oh it's not moaning at all! I know the basics of entertainment living with an actor singer, and he gets his next job because of his previous. This project is a risk time wise, but more importantly, it's advertisement for his voice acting skills. He does well here, the next job is that much easier. If he lets things slide a little it effects his marketing in the future because they'll listen and think "do I like his talent enough to pay him $1000 for this?" or "I remember him from project Z, he was ok." It's meant as push to go all out. Encouragement to do better than you think you can. Congratulations it great, but I don't wish to do it at his expense when he is so talented.
  13. I'm either donating $10 or buying it regardless. When can I buy it? It'd rather my money did the most good.
  14. He can always update them any time even after it gets in. Sorry. Ross, I love your work, and miss Civil Protection tremendously, but to me the acting talent you show in CP and FM is so well done, that hearing most of the announcer pack lines in the preview were a disappointment because I know you can do better. There's more than enough evidence with about 50 eps of FM and 10 of CP plus those extras. I'm glad you can update them, I hope you do. You set a high standard for yourself with your past performance, I have no doubt your future performances will be amazing still. It's not the words, its that the lines just feel rushed lacking emotion.
  15. Sigh, I hate to say it, but it sounds like you rushed the lines on many in the video. Forgive me, I want you to succeed, but I felt as if you were just reading them instead of acting. The police joke was great, and the kill level calls, but, I'm sorry, I think that you might want to go over them again, at least for the demo. And I would love the House of Pancakes joke in there too. Good call!
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