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  1. Even though my mind sky rocketed when I saw this in my YouTube sub box, I remembered watching it on Blip will help you out more so I'm gonna go do that now
  2. I voted yes, but do do some extra volume mixing please
  3. Demorid


    Ross just can't get a break
  4. On a scale from 0/10, how much did it suck?
  5. Holy Crap, $3,000, props dude! I'd say waitta make the rest of us look bad, but I'm just glad Mr. Scott is getting all that money. Awesome job. Guys, no, stop
  6. I didn't know thirty hundred was a number. But damn, why donate 3,000? In the Dutchlands we use a comma instead of a decimal point, so $30,00 is $30.00
  7. Depending on donations or not, you take this 30 and do stuff with it. I don't require any sort of voice acting to be done and, living in the Netherlands, them t-shirts have some shipping costs to 'm. And the almost 6 hours of Freeman's Mind content you've created is worth the 30 bucks (well it's worth a lot more than that, especially since I've re-watched it countless times, but hey).
  8. I don't know if RoosterTeeth would be the right place to go knocking.
  9. I love your polls Ross, the choices are always hilarious
  10. I think he was just taunting all the people who were complaining about how long he suffered from memory loss [even though it was only like 2 episodes]
  11. You take your time, Ross. Ignore all the idiots who complain about the duration of new episodes being released
  12. I think Freeman's Mind Episode 35 is uploaded. Did the Progression Bar not continue for me??
  13. Hey guys, the mystery episode is up. It's called ''Episode 0''
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