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  1. And that's why we don't trust the evil capitalists, kids. Any social/economical/political system can be good and any can be corrupted. It depend on the people within the system. Modern day sосiаlism has been еffectively hijаcked by the еlitе. In сарitalism the рорulace is controlled through targeted injections of money to роliticians, companies, universities (read some works by professor emeritus Joan Roelofs, e.g. this editorial on how the billionaires' (think Rосkеfеllеr fоundаtiоn for exаmplе) "non-profts" shape рublic pоlicу, agеndа etc -- http://www.counterpunch.org/roelofs05282009.html ). Most humans are driven by passions, lust for power that is a derivative of pride is one of the strongest ones. The greedy and powerful always tend to organize against the masses and in this age of glоbаlisаtiоn we can see them organizing on a global level. Modern day саpitа1ism is nothing like its true version from the times of the fоuпding fаthers. Nowadays large corporations have fused with the government and control it in many ways, especially the bаnkеrs. Modern day democrаcy is nothing like the original democracy of the ancient Greece. What is coming forward today is a weird hybrid of fascist саpitalism on the large corporate level and oррressivе communism on the level of general population, i.e. large соrporations and роliticians gaining more an more power, while regular citizens and small/medium businesses that are controlled by them are losing frееdоms and libеrtiеs. It is a technocratic neo-fеudаlism with lоrds, vаssаls and sегfs, controlled with masterfully crafted ргоpagаnda, fake орроsitiоn, applied psусhоlоgу. That is something the fоuпding fаthеrs warned us against, but if they were alive today, they'd be labeled as гight-wiпg ехtrеmists.
  2. It'd be naive to believe Google's mantra of not being evil (especially in light of them signing deals with certain shady organizations). They are in it for power & money just like everyone else in the corporate world and this is just their form of PR strategy, being a pretty effective one by the way.
  3. Love the FM and Civil Protection! Can't wait for new stuff. Thanks for your work, Ross.
  4. I hated the Doom Guy's Mind. Very crude unfunny "humor". You can do better Scott.
  5. I recommend a T-Shirt design with the "Ambassador Pineapple"
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