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  1. it would be awesome if Ross was trolling us all this time and the whole video was never even made except for the trailer. Even better right before the video was released he could say his hard drive crashed or something. that would be awesome
  2. if we see a tiger kill a deer do we say 'bad tiger he shouldn't do that', no we don't say that so why should it be different for us.
  3. that would immediately become the most popular board on the site
  4. Does Scott Ross advertise Accursed farms on other websites. I honestly doubt he does because of how much money it costs, but more importantly is the fact that this website doesn't have any ads. I am pretty confident that some day this site will have ads but when it's going to happen is the question. For all the moderators and people that work with Ross, is there any talk about this.
  5. maybe they could introduce Barney in to civil protection but at the same time...
  6. in the future you should put soothing down like Machinima.com sucks because its sounds like your saying all Machinima in general sucks. also i agree all of it is black ops replays and stuff
  7. thanks for your help and sorry for posting it in the wrong form the second i posted this i realized my mistake
  8. it might seem grim but alternative energy options are around the corner, but really when it comes down to it, there is nothing you can do about oil depletion and worrying isn't going to do anything.
  9. I have some experience with source sdk's hammer editor and I'm decent at making maps, but really how hard is it to use source sdk's face poser and model viewer to make animations. Ross has mentioned a large amount of bugs while while animating in source skd, what are some of those bugs. Are they so bad as to make the program crash or just small ones that make it harder to animate such the model don't always preform the animation you assigned it.
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