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  1. Hah! It wasn't even planned! I hoped it won't disturb too much of the chat... I really forgot my keys ;p
  2. You can watch the recording my latest stream here:
  3. Hmm, thanks for the advice. I think I'm just going to do both...
  4. On May 5th I'm streaming at 11.30 pm Warsaw (CET) time You're invited! For now I'm doing Guild Wars 2, because I'm an addict to this game. But there will be more! Here, you can watch highlights from my previous stream: /v/64634378 I'm Ross's girlfriend and I do game streaming on TwitchTV - he mentioned me in the May monthly Chat with Fans. This topic will be updated regularly in the 1st post! Check out my Twitter @AmazingMagda ! If you have any questions/suggestions or just comments, you're welcome to type them below. Thank you!
  5. Today, 11.30 pm Warsaw time (as always) You're invited! I'm gonna kill some monsters, dragons and kick ass, a usual. You can chat with me! aaah!
  6. Should be without breaks and with boss fights! Practice makes perfect... also, you can ask me questions on the chat! Here >>>
  7. Once I e-mailed a guy who was making a video series in the Half-Life game...... and it kinda went from there
  8. I'll look into streaming problems. Thanks for telling me that. I had quite many views! They came and went but thanks everyone! And I sugar crashed hard at the final battle! Way of a real warrior!! ;p
  9. UPDATE 10 pm CET time, means 10 pm Warsaw time! I just realized that even the internet cannot agree which time is that CET thing.... Yes, I know I'm repeating myself, dear Admins... Magda will be playing here: 10 pm CET Guild Wars 2; today I'll try to fight some bosses! And just lvl up, as usually. May choose to play with my blonde Scrapper in a very revealing dress This is still like an exercise, and I'm happy to get even 1 viewer. I know it's Monday, but hey, there are all the other days to fill in as well!
  10. I think there may be one he's spent half his life playing. Oh, what a funny, funny man you are!
  11. Hey! Well, if I do it in the same thread it would get less exposure and people could be confused about what time and day I'm talking about. This is just trying-out period, later I'll figure out something with Ross not to keep on posting the same thing
  12. Update: Thank you koala for staying the longest! Next stream at 11pm EST this Saturday! This Thursday, that's tomorrow at 9pm CET time at Come and join me on the chat! This time I can actually see what you're typing!
  13. Yay! I'll be happy to see you for 5 seconds or more
  14. <<<<<<<< April 19th 9pm CET time, which is 10 pm Warsaw time! I'll be happy to talk stuff over game play! This time I'll see the chat and try to verbally reply to people. Can u see my face this time? No, not yet! Just listen to my voice.... Everybody has to know if Ross' GF is pretty or ugly, huehue! You're invited to my Twitch! Still playing GuildWars 2! I'm going to try other games, but for now, GW2 is a safe option, since i know it so well and the characters are so pretty! ^^ I'll be so happy to chat will all 3 people that will show up!
  15. You work with Ross too? Nice to meet you
  16. Not sure why but it brings me a thought of Alice in Wonderland
  17. I cannot ask Ross about everything, he's too busy ;p I still have not many views but I noticed some people actually want me to see the chat I want to find a way to see the Twitch chat while I'm in the full-screen mode playing a game- BUT... on one screen. Is this even possible? I tried Overwolf which kept on notoriously crashing my game (Guild Wars2) and two other programs that I can't remember anymore (because they were useless) :] Currently, for steaming I use OBS which is mostly stable. I keep on looking for some add-on or whatever but maybe you guys have an idea? Thanks
  18. I *promise* to have more predictable streamings.... in some time. I'm so moody it's sometimes hard to decide should I or shouldn't? I also promise to make the chat work when I'm playing. I'm happy to see even one person showing up!
  19. Thanks! I actually use this software. But it's a bit complicated so all the settings are from a tutorial I found. They work so far. All the other programs either frozed or crashed the game... or Windows : ]
  20. Today about 10.30 p.m. Warsaw time... that is about 2 hrs 10 mins from now! Another spontaneous streaming... Just to get used to it! It may be shorter than 2 hours this time... But, still fun
  21. I was able to watch the twitch stream. It was my first time on twitch and I thought you did a good job. The video was streaming, but it was it was very laggy. However, when just listening to the audio on radiotwitch, it was fine. Thanks for the good stream! Thank you! I'm flattered I was the first Twitch broadcaster for you I'm not sure how much I can help about the lag, but good to know there's Twitch radio. I had no idea!
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