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  1. Yea, but that one is crap. The recording quality is garbage and I don't think it's gone through writing. It's just two slightly popular guys blabbering shitty jokes. And they posted it on 5 Aug 2012, more than a year ago. I doubt it will ever be in the game. Ross might be in the middle of a unique predicament, since the Gordon Freeman character doesn't belong to him. But he'll be selling it through the owners, so that's ok, i guess.
  2. Congratulations on being the highest rated announcer in the workshop!
  3. Ross, here is someone that had the same ANNOUNCER tagging problem as you. Post on the dota2 dev forums and you should be ok so it can be retagged.
  4. Yea, that seems to be the only one that fits it...
  5. VERY IMPORTANT You have uploaded it into the wrong category! No one can find it in the workshop without knowing what they are looking for. You put it in other, but there is an "Announcer" subsection.
  6. It is of the UTMOST importance to upload either a trailer or just samples. SERIOUSLY. Some people have no idea what they'd be voting for. Choose lines that your fans would like but also choose lines that are funny by themselves. It's good that the Freeman character can actually exist without the Half Life universe. So try choosing lines that would make any person laugh, not just the fans.
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