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  1. Take a look at my back pack. If you want any item i have, let me know http://www.tf2items.com/id/DooMas
  2. Iv been in stage 5 for a while (since ep1 came out).
  3. You're decent, but two things: 1. The battlements are like Ravenholm. We don't go there (unless it's necessary in events like stopping an intel runner or stopping a Medic combo). 2. I noticed you encountered a battle Medic... don't rush at him with your melee; he has 25 more HP, health regen, and is faster. Also, don't try to noscope him. This is where quickscoping/muscle memory can help dramatically. 3. Don't waste your time playing Sniper Wars. You definitely want to kill the other Snipers (else they'll pick off your team), but don't make it your #1 goal. Isnt 3 more then 2 ?
  4. Here is my BackPack. If you find anything that you like, let me know ! http://www.tf2items.com/id/DooMas
  5. http://store.steampowered.com/app/1800/?snr=1_4_4__13 I have to go change my pants.... EDIT: Second time im changing my pants.... ONE MORE EDIT: Im runing out of pants.......
  6. "CS: GO promises to expand on CS' award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac."
  7. If you enjoy spending the entire match either camping or waiting to respawn then yes, it is good. If you only play public matches, then yes, it is like that. But if you play Tournaments and other competitive matches, you wont find any game like cs. Its the best experience you can have in fps shooters.
  8. But the thing is, in TF2 they make somewhat sense. Because it is a purely multiplayer game you will play a lot. But in Portal 2 it is just a Co-op campaign, you only play that once and only your co-op partner is going to admire your stuff. Yeah but, you know, for those gamers who are biggest fans of hats and want to look cool, it doesnt matter how many peaple will see them with teir "cool" hats, its the point that they have them, and they can show it to atleast some one. P.s. My friend is such a nerd about portal 2, he finished it in one day (first day it came out) 2 times, and then finished it 5 more times in same month, and he plays co-op with different people allmost every weekend. Atleast he is not obsessed with hats. ( Well he might be, but he doesnt have enough money to buy some, so...)
  9. Thurst me. I know few guys, who both a bundle of those useless stuff in portal 2. And look at TF2. In my opinion, tf hats are more useless then weapons, but some people sell/buy those hats for real money. I saw some deals, when one guy sold his Steam account with only one game (tf2 with lots of hats) for 200$. Holly shit. I dont get it, what so special about those hats ? i know some of them look pretty, but they dont do anything, at all, but still, peaple spend theyr money to get them...
  10. It is very likely there won't be hats. CS is a very competitive game and cosmetic items are just totally out of place there. I thought same about portal 2....
  11. Gabe was droped on his head when he was 3 (this comment just delayed HL3 for one month). No lol, just kiding. I hope that CS:GO will be good, but after reading that there might be classes, I immediately think about TF2.... I hope there will be no hats in new cs, otherwise ill call it TF2.1 (not TF3, cos valve would kill me).
  12. I know its more like a frag movie, but all those kills were done in public server, so its more like public server kill compilation. I hope you dont mind that I added some music P.S. Read the description of the video, so you wont look stupid barking about those colors.
  13. But you cant make like 10 more games based on story. Everybody thinks that this is the last part of the story. Well, this would be the third complete installment in the series, not the tenth. And who is everybody? I've never heard rumor or speculation that HL3 will be the last game. It's probably just cause it's taking a while to make, everyone gets the (probably incorrect) feeling that it's some big finale. Well I saw tons of rumors about hl3 beeing the last part. It might sound strange, but I personally as one of the biggest fans of HL series would like it to be the last part ( or one of the last parts). Yeah, its sounds very dumb. But lets take an example. Need For Speed series. There are like 20 games with that tittle,but only the first ones were good, and respected by nfs fans. The ones that are coming out are beeing criticized by most of nfs and racing game fans. I dont want it to happen to HL series. I think its better to end it sooner then latter.
  14. But you cant make like 10 more games based on story. Everybody thinks that this is the last part of the story. I personally hope that there will be atleast 2 more parts of hl, because there are tons of misterys left, which would be to much in one game part.
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