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  1. Kudos Ross, and thanks for the years of free entertainment. Looking forward to a 2015 filled with Game Dungeon.
  2. So Point Defiance somehow acquired or discovered time travel some time after 2001. They then presumably used the Polaris Snowcross soundtrack change as a test for changing things in the past. One band member probably had misgivings about keeping the time travel device secret, and maybe threatened to tell someone. The rest of the band killed him to keep him quiet and dumped his bones off the coast near Point Defiance park. These bones were found a decade later and the whole story was pieced together on a video review of a snowmobile video game.
  3. I played through the end of HL1 recently, and it occurs to me now that you're cutting out the ambient voice clips from the Nihilanth (The ones that say things like "Die now" and "We are their slaves") Any particular reason for that?
  4. Good idea with making freeman high. 57 episodes of shouting high strung freeman was probably enough. Look forward to seeing this side of his character. Great episode. And remember that while some people might be annoyed you're taking a break from FM, I personally am really happy to hear we're going to get new Game Dungeon episodes.
  5. Ross, I went ahead and did a test in After Effects using a 60 fps capture in HL2 and high density vector tracking motion blur. I think the only issue is the processing time. As AE renders out the video it spends a while on each frame figuring out the motion vectors. Oi2xG1kpicQ Where on earth did you find a deal like that? The cheapest I can find doing a cursory look around is around 500.
  6. I asked this as a comment on the youtube video, but I guess I'll suggest it here as well. Have you tried running a lower framerate capture through After Effects CC's pixel motion blur. It's a pretty decent option I think.
  7. This was actually a really top notch episode. You do somehow keep coming up with new ways to weave humor into these situations.
  8. Ummm, you can trigger them by shooting them with the pistol. You don't have to waste your grenades...
  9. Looking forward to Freeman's reaction to the laser mine warehouse in the next episode. Great episode as always Ross.
  10. Just finished this, as my first real project in SFM: ZdCZMoyfwOI
  11. I guess I'll throw in my own opinion that Journey is indeed one of the most beautiful and moving games I've played in years. Spoilers of the ending:
  12. The SFM seems very user friendly to me. Note that if you're going for true quality, it's a very slow process, but hey, that's animation. Here's the first thing I made with it. Note that just this 8 seconds of solid character animating took 8-10 hours to do manually. XosRVWOQPzo
  13. Last night I emailed the SFM team telling them why I deserve to be in the beta, and today I got in. I'd suggest doing the same if you think you're very qualified. Keep in mind though, there's no invite process. The SFM just showed up in my games list this afternoon with no message from Valve.
  14. The boss fights were handled by an external studio who had no clue about what the game was like. In other words, they more or less force you to kill them. I gonna give some tips for each boss, you probably dont need them but still: General: Barret: Yelena: Namir: Btw, congrats on getting you engineer weapon set featured in the steam workshop, Eedo. I've just been switching difficulty down to the lowest when playing bosses and then switching it back up. Managed to beat the invisible woman by inhaling 3 painkillers and unloading a nearby heavy rifle. And thanks about my items. I'm pleased.
  15. Got a new copy of Deus Ex:HR for 20 bucks. Feels nice to get a sealed retail game for a third the original price. On the other hand, wtf is with this boss fight? I've been playing the entire game so far focusing on stealth, and I have nothing to defend myself.
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