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  1. My favorite would be when Dave decided he was going to do some awesome Kung Fu. Seeing as there was a similar situation between me and my friend back in my Air Cadets days and dealing with him in that way felt good at first but drew attention rather.... Quickly. XD
  2. Alright, I'm certain that there are at least a hand-full of us who decided to rack our brains over the thought of making a machinima. Then there was even less of us who willingly put in all the man hours to see it go through. Finally there's the very few of us that actually put the machinima up. No, we're not talking about those stupid little garry's mod, slap a person in the face kind of machinima's. I'm talking about the ones where you have actual people taking their time out of the day to put together something big. I myself had done this... 15 actors, needed all of them, but I should've given them a schedule of when they could come on. Have you ever tried to guess where to hide 15 actors on stage? Or how to cover up the blood that they like to leave laying around for your scene because apparently they had itchy trigger fingers. I had a professional camera man, who had actually studied in real life. He made some great cuts for me, was able to steal other peoples work and edit it up to something beautiful. The only problem was, when it came down to the last bit of editing we decided to get the voices. I had been calling voice actors since the beginning nearly 4 weeks earlier. Two replies. Two very tiny children voices. Yes, they did not go through, neither did the machinima in the end, my friend who had done all the editing that far and had one last final cut to make disappeared off the face of the earth. So 4 weeks, nearly 8 hours every day, getting the perfect scene, customizing the perfect animations in blender... Alll for naught. Anyone else with the horror stories of actors? XD
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