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  1. It is much better than the return of the castle Wolfenstein 1992 heheh
  2. it pisses me off really good maps fall by the wayside and are rarely seen being played on servers, my favorite is the map cs_office
  3. It is a very good FPS but I must be about 5 years without playing
  4. It's a really fun game but get bored after a while, since I get sick of this game are game for distrair.Na my opinion is the best MOD hal life PS: Sorry for bad English, my mother tongue is a little different from english What can it cause some grammar errors in my text
  5. Children of Bodom is a great band, I love the music Bodom Beach Terror has a great solo
  6. im listening jimi hendrix - spanish castle magic great song
  7. is an old game but still give me good hours of fun someone else play too ?
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