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  1. I was planning on buying and playing this game on GOG at some point, but I think I'll watch this first anyway.
  2. Man I remember playing the demo for this ten years ago. That was fun. The game never got a sequel or anything, and I don't see many people talking about it these days, so it probably is decent Game Dungeon fodder. Watching Ross try to survive La-Mulana would be...interesting, to say the least.
  3. Socialists: resource extraction and mindless consumption under kkkapitalism is destroying our planet! Also socialists: socialism can and must be a luxurious consumers' utopia, where consumption will remain at a constant, sustainable level that is 10x our current level
  4. Halfway through the video and Ross is making the game look like a frustrating experience. I know that feeling when you put up with frustration in a game because you really like other parts of it, but I think Sonic Heroes would probably end up just pissing me off. Some of it just seems like bad design that's baked into the franchise to an extent. I do like how Ross is asking the hard questions about Sonic, and to the SONIC CABAL at that.
  5. It's worth noting that the IPCC's recommendations on fighting climate change mostly amount to "sky high carbon taxes". Which is probably one of the easier things to actually get done, all things considered.
  6. Just want to mention that personal favorite puzzle game 3D Ultra Lionel Traintown has like half a dozen levels where you have to save Christmas. You know, in case you're starving for Christmas material next year.
  7. My mind wandered back to this game and now I'm going to try it out. I like rally racers and I kept thinking of that screenshot, plus the reviews saying the stages were not only long, but based off real geographic surveys. I've heard a couple people say this is almost the equal of Richard Burns and Colin McRae Rally, the two big names of classic rally games.
  8. Now that I look at it, I kind of wish there was a pure FPS category.
  9. Haven't watched the video yet, but I skimmed through a bit of the list and I can confidently say Harvester (1996) is a severely fucked up game. I watched the Retsupurae series on it, they basically commentate on a longplay MST style mainly to poke fun at the cheesiness. I consider that an acceptable method of experiencing the game - and experience it you should, for it's still quite interesting - especially since the last third features the unholy abomination that is adventure game combat.
  10. Seconding Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. It's a great old cult adventure game that needs more love. Since it's on Steam and GOG now, however, it might just get it.
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