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  1. While I'm at it, the original Far Cry would be pretty good Game Dungeon fodder. It's a charming beginning for a game series that's become a top seller for triple-A Ubisoft, who in typical Ubisoft fashion proceeded to milk the series dry by using the exact same formula they used for Far Cry 3 (a 2012 game) for the entire rest of the series. Talk about wasted potential...
  2. Great video and I hope Ross had a merry Christmas. Just a couple things I'd like to say, the first being that I've previously mentioned 3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown as an obscure puzzle game with an entire series of Christmas levels where you have to save Christmas. Also, someone wrote up a scenario and even drew a world map that tried to make sense of the world of the Purge movies. It doesn't excuse the filmmakers not doing the legwork themselves, but it's an interesting exploration of why there are so many nutsos and government kill-squads in the Purge universe. The Division never particularly interested me since it kinda looked like every other generic modern Ubisoft shooter with a dumb story, so I'm glad there's a Game Dungeon that...kinda proved my intuition right. Maybe someone very smart was trying to craft an implied layer of story, but with the current rate that people are leaving Ubisoft because they suck even by AAA gaming company standards, I doubt they are still an employee there. As for gameplay, I hate when shooters have RPG leveling that makes you shoot someone in the head three times with a high-powered sniper rifle just to kill them. Way to preserve immersion, game industry! That old Cracked article (remember when they were good?) is also very interesting, I wish you had posted a link to it. I also would like seeing those elements included in war games that purport to be realistic, though of course there's a balance between those elements and not frustrating the player because they don't have enough control. Then again, there ARE games like ARMA where realism is supposed to be the first and last priority.
  3. I wish Ross would do a video on the Midtown Madness games. The first Midtown Madness was the first open world racing game, to my knowledge.
  4. I think Iron Helix would make for an interesting episode. It's an old adventure/survival horror game set aboard a spaceship, which I guess sounds similar to the Martian Gothic episode, but I'd still watch an Iron Helix episode.
  5. For being a trashy low-budget FMV game, I'm surprised at how open-ended this is. I think I agree with Ross that it's a philosophy you don't see a lot of anymore. Only in the 90s would you find it in a game like this. This is legendary.
  6. I was planning on buying and playing this game on GOG at some point, but I think I'll watch this first anyway.
  7. Man I remember playing the demo for this ten years ago. That was fun. The game never got a sequel or anything, and I don't see many people talking about it these days, so it probably is decent Game Dungeon fodder. Watching Ross try to survive La-Mulana would be...interesting, to say the least.
  8. Socialists: resource extraction and mindless consumption under kkkapitalism is destroying our planet! Also socialists: socialism can and must be a luxurious consumers' utopia, where consumption will remain at a constant, sustainable level that is 10x our current level
  9. Halfway through the video and Ross is making the game look like a frustrating experience. I know that feeling when you put up with frustration in a game because you really like other parts of it, but I think Sonic Heroes would probably end up just pissing me off. Some of it just seems like bad design that's baked into the franchise to an extent. I do like how Ross is asking the hard questions about Sonic, and to the SONIC CABAL at that.
  10. It's worth noting that the IPCC's recommendations on fighting climate change mostly amount to "sky high carbon taxes". Which is probably one of the easier things to actually get done, all things considered.
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