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    Mobil 1 Rally Championship

    My mind wandered back to this game and now I'm going to try it out. I like rally racers and I kept thinking of that screenshot, plus the reviews saying the stages were not only long, but based off real geographic surveys. I've heard a couple people say this is almost the equal of Richard Burns and Colin McRae Rally, the two big names of classic rally games.
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    The former.
  3. Trar


    Now that I look at it, I kind of wish there was a pure FPS category.
  4. Trar


    Haven't watched the video yet, but I skimmed through a bit of the list and I can confidently say Harvester (1996) is a severely fucked up game. I watched the Retsupurae series on it, they basically commentate on a longplay MST style mainly to poke fun at the cheesiness. I consider that an acceptable method of experiencing the game - and experience it you should, for it's still quite interesting - especially since the last third features the unholy abomination that is adventure game combat.
  5. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Seconding Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. It's a great old cult adventure game that needs more love. Since it's on Steam and GOG now, however, it might just get it.
  6. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Survival Crisis Z, basically an old freeware zombie game like Project Zomboid. Definitely looked interesting enough to be on the show. Video here. Would also have to second Space Station Silicon Valley. Again, definite Game Dungeon material! Lastly may I suggest Fortnit-HRRRRRRK
  7. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions is another original Xbox racer that I think would be a good fir for Game Dungeon. It's not well-known, it has some flaws but also some good points that make it ultimately fun. Like, on one hand some of the missions are so poorly designed they're frustratin, but on the other hand there's an actual tank you can unlock and use as a vehicle.
  8. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    I honestly think Project Gotham Racing, the original Xbox launch title, would make for a good Game Dungeon episode. It's not as widely known as its sequel, the series it's in isn't as widely known since there hasn't been a new entry in a decade, and not only is it an eclectic racing game, it has an eclectic soundtrack with a lot of really obscure . The only potential hurdle is that it's only on the original Xbox, but that's nothing some good capture equipment can't deal with. Fun fact: it was the second best selling Xbox title after the first Halo, and Halo was the game that MADE the Xbox. If Halo somehow didn't exist, PGR would have had to try and make up for it, and as good as the game is, it wasn't quite the force Halo was. Sometimes I like to think what the console scene would look like if that had been the case.
  9. Trar

    Rogue Warrior voice lines

    Rogue Warrior, for those of you who are blessed with ignorance, is an infamously bad FPS published in 2009 by Bethesda. IGN gave it a 1.5. The most notable aspect of the game is the fact that it stars a likeness of Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko, who is voiced by Mickey Rourke. Rourke (or his director) apparently thought the best way to capture the essence of Ricky Dick was by portraying him as a psychopathic maniac who swears roughly every two seconds; this is something that Marcinko apparently approved of. And now, a YouTuber by the name of Rotarna has extracted all the hilariously over the top dialogue from the game to use for...whatever. I'm just glad it's out in the world now, as perverse as that may sound, because I for one find it funny. Link is here.
  10. Trar


    I'm surprised City 17 has tacos, but hey, how else are you gonna motivate Civil Protection?
  11. Here's my fashionably late homework assignment! It's hard to say what modern music I like because I've honestly never listened to many recent modern bands, and I dislike almost all of the top 40 pop/rap/country stuff you hear on the radio. I can name a couple bands from the 2000s I like, but my musical tastes are actually pretty wide. There's a good number of times I liked one or two songs from a band but wasn't as crazy about the rest of their work. These facts were true when I was high school-age, and they're still true now. If I had to choose, I'd say my primary interest groups are classic blues/country (think O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Fallout: New Vegas), Silent Generation-era oldies/jazz, certain types of electronica (primarily demoscene/chiptune/vaporwave/synthwave/ambientish stuff), classic rock, and power metal - or really any metal that doesn't sound like the Cookie Monster having a seizure. Bands/groups/individuals that fall into these categories include Marty Robbins, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Vera Lynn, Sabaton, Brothers of Metal, Metallica, Skaven, Boards of Canada, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and perhaps Johnny Cash. Game soundtracks deserve a special mention; they run the gamut but I'd have to single out distinctive indie OSTs with real work put into them, such as the soundtracks to Bastion and Into the Breach. The composer for Into the Breach, Ben Prunty, also made the music for FTL, and is in general a really talented electronic musician. I also like classical music and traditional cultural music like Scottish bagpipes/traditional Middle Eastern music/Native American flutes, but I couldn't say as much about individual artists for that stuff, since I regard the music as more prominent than its performers in most cases. Russian composers like Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky are some of my classical favorites that aren't super obvious and popular like Mozart and Beethoven. As for traditional cultural music, Clanadonia are great bagpipers while R. Carlos Nakai is perhaps the most famous Native American flutist. As for what's "coolest" out of all that stuff for a high schooler, I'd have to say it depends. Best overall is a toss-up between power metal and 1930s-40s music: driving ballads about historical battles and Norse mythology are undoubtedly a strong contender, and a lot of it is pretty recent, but Great Depression and WWII-era music has an undeniable historical/elegant chic. Traditional cultural music is a decent pick, since it carries a worldly sound, and being of the same nationality or ethnicity as the stuff you're listening to is a potential conversation starter. As others in the thread have said, classical music is timeless and enjoyable, and not exactly trending with The Youth, apart from perhaps the most popular and super obvious artists everyone hears in music class. Electronica would be a great fit for a geek/computer programmer, while game soundtracks and more chill stuff like Boards of Canada would fit for both geeks and artsy folks. Classic rock and metal wouldn't be out of place for a shop class tradesperson, but I can't say it would be my top pick. Old country would have historical chic similar to WWII oldies, but I'm not really sure where blues would fit.
  12. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    +1 for Drowned God. The moment I heard about this game I thought it was perfect Game Dungeon material.
  13. I liked the video, I think you gave some honest and constructive criticism of the game, but I just have to say there actually is a Life is Strange 2 being made. So there's not just a prequel here.
  14. Trar


    That admiral has to be the most chill military officer I've ever seen. It's great. Loved the episode BTW, this was a neat one.
  15. Trar

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox, a 1993 DOS adventure game with average gameplay, but a highly intriguing alt-history Nazi victory setting. The European version is called "Red Hell" and substitutes Nazis for Soviets.
  16. Trar


    Even if this isn't real, it was a fun watch. It's probably real, though. There's too much effort put into it for it not to be, even if episodes are likely gonna be few and far between.
  17. Trar

    SimCity series music! Updated yet again

    Forgot to mention I updated this late last year, like I said I would.
  18. I relatively recently updated this collection to be more comprehensive, but I'm not going to write a whole new OP here when I can link to the original post I made on another forum with the downloads linked there. Enjoy. If there's anything wrong with the collection, please let me know. Major props to Ross for using some of the SimCity 4 music in the Civil Protection Christmas Outreach episode.
  19. Trar

    How did Ross write FM?

    I'm sorry if anybody's already asked this, but I've been wondering for a long time how Ross wrote Freeman's Mind. Did he plan everything out, or did he allow for adlibbing? That sort of thing.
  20. Trar

    Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions

    Glad he's gonna do it eventually.
  21. These are some pretty old screenshots of mine, but I think they fit the bill. Number one is from Deus Ex: Invisible War. The other two are from Age of Empires 3, which I used to play a lot of back in the day.
  22. Trar


    I actually put this game on a list of my own to check out when I saw it in your preview video - and I'm going to refrain from watching the video until I play the game myself. Something to look forward to when I beat the game or stop caring about spoilers for it, whichever comes first. Meanwhile, I'm just gonna leave this and this here.
  23. Trar


    I will say that I think Moon Gaming could work if you come up with stuff to pull during each episode. People here have already suggested two things I think would make it work: you acting really out of touch and bonkers during each episode thereby weirding out anybody with you, and/or random skits in the middle of each episode that send it off the rails. You could make this a Punked/Frog Fractions thing.
  24. Re: soundtracks, this guy has recently released an updated version of his Strife soundtrack cover. IMO it's pretty good. He also did some other games such as DOOM.
  25. I recently learned that this game shares much of its soundtrack with another series of games the developer made, The Incredible Machine series. Interesting. I might do a thread about that music too.

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