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  1. Hey have you ever thought of cold calling Valve and asking if you could do voice work, animation, or script writing for their next Half-Life game? Maybe as an extra track or something which would twigger at certain places in the game? Freeman has no official voice so you could assume it.
  2. ...Anime commentaries? Or some sort of shonen-esque machinima series? Neither are ideas I'm big on, but Ross does a variety of stuff, so... You shouldn't jump to conclusions without doing basic research. Trigun Maximum was released after Trigun, when the original magazine that published it died, and so it is a continuation under a slightly different name. Similar deal with Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden II. That's the meaning I intended which I thought was obvious if you knew or looked up the title of the series.
  3. In a worse case scenario you could make a "spiritual sequel" on another non-machina platform... You have the fanbase, and a rose by any other name.... is Trigun Maximum.
  4. This song from goong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCoQFks_9ew
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