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  1. Roto

    How to make machinima?

    I found some dvds from noesis that ross himself made so im gonna start with that.
  2. For the longest time now I wanted to learnhow to make machinima. Now, I know very litttle about animating in a game engine, so if anyone would point me to a website or a book or anything that would help me learn anything cause im a total noob when it comes to this.
  3. Roto

    2011 game recommendations

    Our gameshops aren't very strict about that.They are just looking to sell a game.
  4. Roto

    2011 game recommendations

    I think I will not buy Portal 2 becuase the singleplayer is probably going to be short, and none of my friends are going to buy it so i can play it with them cuz they tought the first one was boring and a little too short. So im going to wait until the price drops.And i live in Croatia where a new game costs about a 100$.
  5. Roto

    2011 game recommendations

    yeah but its not going to last me from 2-3 months
  6. Since I'm 15 I have a little budget for videogames I can buy only so much of them in a year.I tought I should buy Deus ex HR, Skyrim, BF3 and uncharted 3 this year.If anyone has a better idea of what I should buy, say it. And I need a game that will hold me over from september til november.Probably a game with good multiplayer maybe BFBC2 or Black Ops.And I play on on the PS3 cuz my PC sucks balls.
  7. Roto

    Last Game You Played

    Oblivion I was missing out
  8. Roto

    Your Favorite TV Show

    House MD Dexter Walking Dead And sometimes I watch Psych when I catch it. Other tan that TV is bull****.

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