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  1. I recomposed the backing music of a recording I did of my mum some time ago. Thought some of you might enjoy it.
  2. Hi guys, though I would share the new track I just finished working on. Lauren's original version without the orchestral instrumentation is linked in the description of the video. Hope you like it. 7cx45i0k4tc
  3. I did this one quite a while ago. vmXB9Doz0no and this one I just posted up recently. 9vIWcibEmpc For both track I wrote and arrange the additional orchestral arrangements as well as rhythm sections and synthesis. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  4. Actually it's in there twice The reason why it's so low is because we needed to bury the microphone clipping distortion. But everything is there just as you recorded it. There was no time for a re-take.
  5. Wow if only people knew what you really said?
  6. Would this help? Perhaps you might need someone to rebuild the character models for you, or maybe they can be imported.
  7. Okie Dokie, I added some commentary about the mix that you might find interesting about my submission and my final submission. However you will have to ask Ross what actually went into the lest mixdown. 9Q_ptLH8_rA Regards Mark
  8. Ha, sorry, that wasn't the intent. Here's an alternate image if it helps: Dmmit Ross, a little late don't you think? My wife thinks I'm gay now... (This conversation is all in jest no malice intended or offense taken, just for shits and giggles.) LOL
  9. LOL, Ross why did you make Dazro and I look like gay lovers with dick noses? I didn't realise that was the first prize.
  10. Hi Ross, the offer still stands, but I'm a little confused about the soundcard you got. From first glance it appears that the Asus cards are more suited to outputting audio rather than capturing it. I recently upgraded my front end for my audio capture so I have my old capture device doing absolutely nothing. If you want it I can give you that also. The device is a Tascam US-122L I used this device to record many voice overs. It's a small USB device, it has microphone inputs as well as line/instrument inputs. Here is a video on the device... http://homerecordingstudio.com.au/2011/06/19/sound-module-explained/ the video also covers other things about sound interfaces and modules. In my opinion your sound issues should be solved quite easily these days, since you do not need a lot of computing grunt to run them. WDM and ASIO drivers for most PC audio interfaces are very stable. EDIT: (Connecting other microphones to ASUS card) It's fairly easy to make a XLR to 1/8th Jack connector to fit into the card to take a better microphone, however if you ever want to buy a microphone such as the "BLUE" version you has used before you will need +48V phantom power to power the microphone. Incidentally the Tascam US-122L does have this feature. I assumed this is the ASUS card has the 1/8th jack, I hope I did not make an ass of myself.
  11. A valid point indeed, this is why I always give my work address when I sell stuff online, I can be a paranoid parrot sometimes. However I'm sure that if Ross is really interested in the mic he would find a way that he is comfortable with. EDIT: LOL perhaps my avatar frightened him, it does give off some satanic connotations. *makes note to change avatar.
  12. Wow that's mean, it's almost like being the victim of 4chan fury.
  13. LOL that cracked me up. That would be rather evil.
  14. Hi Ross, I just finished reading your issues with your microphone. I have a microphone for you that will do the job nicely. It's an Shure SM58. You will find this microphone in almost every studio in the world. It's a basic dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. I have 2 of theses and I don't really use them any more. I believe this microphone will suit you because of 3 things. 1) It's a dynamic microphone, which will be less sensitive to external noise. 2) It has a maximum SPL or 132dB or 142dB (depending on the load of your pre-map) 3) It's Free A not about compression - yes it will take care of your overs but it will also bring up the noise floor. It may be entirely possible that the clipping and distortion might be your microphone actually distorting mechanically, and not electrically. Hence a high SPL microphone like the SM58 would be Ideal for you. SM58 Specifications Maximum SPL 142 dB with 800-ohm load 134 dB with 150-ohm load Hum Pickup-7.5 dB equivalent SPL in a 1 millioersted field (60Hz) Output Noise (equivalent sound pressure levels;measured with true rms voltmeter) 29 dB typical, A-weighted 32 dB typical, weighted per DIN 45 405 Dynamic Range 113 dB (maximum SPL to A-weighted noise level) PM me if you are interested. Regards Mark
  15. Hi guys, I thought I would share a track with you guys that I have recently completed. I know that the next sentence is a little of the HL topic but here it goes... Battlefield 3 fans will like this I think. I would like to know what you guys think. The work is all original except for the sample I used in the break and the heavy riff that is in the BF3 videos. Regards Maciko Link to downloads and video. http://homerecordingstudio.com.au/2011/08/01/battlefield-3-remix-da-da-da-dada/
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