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  1. Speak for yourself. Dead Space is a similar scare game to Doom 3, only does it much better in my experience with both of them. Dead Space also builds up more tension since you are not a marine carrying 8 guns with enough ammo to slay satan five times over. Isaac is a lot more vulnerable than Doomguy and the necromorphs are much more twisted than iD's imagination of demons. Another plus for Dead Space is having some of the best sound design in video games to date, it shits all over Doom 3's washed out, weak sound effects. Don't even get me started on the Hellknight or the menu music's sound quality. Yuck. Both games have a section where nothing happens for a while, and both games do it very well, adding lots of sound effects and startlers. Every little bit of noise in the first rooms of Delta Labs 1 turned my hair and back into spikes. I wish these sort of moments had been more common, they remind me of The Cradle in Thief 3. Talk about being vulnerable, in Penumbra the only thing you get in a hammer/ pickax to kill badies and in Amnesia well ah.... you get.... NOTHING! you have to work your way through hellish pieces of work and things that are just dead down fucking scary. the company that made Penumbra/Amnesia are good at scaring the hell out of you. I dont care how big of a man someone says they are when they play that damn game there going to crap them selves. i know how you feel. those damn creepers..... "LAlala la le la minding my own buisness" ah look a diamond SSSSSsSSSsssSsSssSss. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU boom *dead*
  2. you watch the old war of the worlds? or even mars attacks. out nukes dont do shit. and if the movies say it wont do anything it wont cuz its the movies and everything in the movies are true. we have to sneeze on them or play annoying music to kill them!
  3. 0...... that game is not that scary. its more like BOOO sorta game. you wanna shit yourself play penumbra. and if you wanna piss and shit play Amnesia. i do not have the balls to get past one part that scars the living crap out of me.
  4. Yeah, now it is, it didn't have a proper recipe whilst the promotion was on, but you could get it by crafting Spy melee weapons with tokens. you could get anything doing it like that.
  5. I still didnt get to test spy new kunai, does it recover your health after a backstab or it increases your max health? It acts as though you've been overhealed, so your health slowly counts down to 60 from around 180 I think it is. I tried to craft it four times, ended up with four Eternal Rewards. its scrap metal and eternal reward for the kunai.
  6. Well you could go for the whole GRAY look realistic games go for lol. an example is gta 4 if anyone dose not know what i mean.
  7. its good in a cartoonie way if thats what you were going for. but what i find a little odd is that the sky is bare. maybe if you added some clouds to it and did a few more trees new the loner one in the front and in the empty spaces at the bottom, also the lighting on the mountain in the back is a little odd to me. the river could be bigger but not much. but i like how you did sandstone like mountains really unique to the green Vally and really adds contrast to the picture. Im curious what collage do you go to? SCAD?
  8. Just cause he dose not believe in god dose not mean he deserves that. OMG LIMBO!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU loved that movie lol
  9. ob·jec·tionn 1.a reason or argument offered in disagreement, opposition, refusal, or disapproval. 4.a feeling of disapproval, dislike, or disagreement. wrong 1.not in accordance with what is morally right or good: a wrong deed. like i said its a gist of it but its still the same thing. but if you really want to get down to English grammar its not the same thing your right. "When I plucked her from Black Mesa, I acted in the face of objections that she was a mere child and of no practical use to anyone." before anyone wants to flame me theres the quote. Yes i fucked up in what i said and i accept that but he did take alyx when people objected to it. hence evil.
  10. The crowbar. really that is what MAKES Gordon Gordon. I vote crowbar if your still not clear =)
  11. Best game ever. im talking about the old PC version not the ps2 or the watered down new one....
  12. hes bad. in Ep 2 he is blocked by the vorts for some reason and he is mad about that. and the time where he said he "*PLUCKED* alyx from black masa for some reasons, and how it was wrong on his part for doing so" On the contrary, he said he 'acted in the face of objections'. my bad but i got the gist of it. its still the same thing
  13. Oh also got this short comic about dead frontier =) I know its bad. I also used akeria as a reference at the time. (little better now) so ah *insert happy face*
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