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  1. wouldn't he need to be drawing then? >.> that's what creative is for I'm pretty sure... Why aren't you using a normal livestream site ross? like https://livestream.com/ edit: also damnit 1pm... 30 minutes before I leave for work ;-; at least I'll be able to watch 30 minutes of it...
  2. lol ross you always release a bunch of videos at the end of the year then take a long break you do it every year silly. You're definitely a halloween person haha (I am too tbh). I am honestly interested in the game though, the main reason I don't like most MMOs is because the quest system seems so flat and boring... although it's a shame they overdid how intricate the puzzle are... as well as the shit combat system... Maybe when I was in highschool I could have had time to grind for this game but I can't do it anymore spend all my time IRC'ing...
  3. lol damn there are a lot of ones I didn't see in the thread... man I wish we could see the ones that were emailed to him... that's 80% of the fun looking thru all the entries.
  4. lol otto I'm sure you won't be disqualified for a 54 minute past... XD I didn't think ross was a complete stickler for rules.
  5. please do. It's stretching badly, It's so annoying to have to horizontal scroll to goto the next page XD also BTGBullseye I know quite a few nice mods for skyrim. I mostly get mods to make it look nicer. If you want I could pm you a list of my favs.
  6. As someone who has a fear of the ocean, that last one freaked me the fuck out. XD 3000 metres... *mutters a bunch of insane gibberish, rocks back and forth* Also, can ya'll post them in spoilers from now on? X3 My voice might get lost in the crowd but that's okay, I'll at least try. It just makes the page look way less messy and it's easier on the eyes. I was going to goto 20,000 meters under but I calculated I would have to push the down button on my sub for 20 minutes at least to reach that level. also I agree with the spoilers thing, page stretching is bad m'kay
  7. lol I have a couple of funny ones I guess that I uploaded to steam/found on my computer... you might not get the first one scott if you haven't played skyrim... spoiler'd of course edit: To chime into the pixel art debate. pixel art is NOT easy and there are SEVERAL ways of doing it. ^ this bastard may look simple but it took me a several hours to make him. Generally with pixel art you draw twice. first time you do a sketch of what you want. then you scale that down and line it before finally being able to shade it. Of course less detailed more retro type of pixel art is easier... however you still end up poking at the pixels for quite awhile to make it actually look like the thing it's supposed to be... I apologize if I've offended anyone but it bugs me when people diss pixel art as a whole. Spriters put as much effort into their work as normal artists (not as much as 3D modelers of course but that's because that has more variables)
  8. :CC man ross the second my headphones break you post something that sounds like it's amazing I am praying that they come in a day or two now.
  9. lol my mind imagines all kinds of weird things when people say they're making experimental videos. can't wait
  10. oh hey stasis kinda made the cut that's cool.... I've played the demo kinda, so far it's a lot like dead space? but so far no enemies? one drawback I've had is the character is Sooooo friggin slow you'd think he was crawling instead of walking -_- which is the main reason why I haven't finished the demo. I wish I recognized more games from that list, I really need to get into watching everything better...
  11. :3 lol that comparison to JTHM made my day ross. Planning on becoming an 3D modeler, maybe I could help you out later in life... nothing I make now would be worth your time though. Maybe if you want to keep making small things to keep youtube sated you could make "vines" aka extremely short but silly/funny over the top videos in random games. You don't need to talk in all of them so you could bypass some video editing and they're so short. It would take a lot of ideas though if you plan on doing a lot of them. Also I'm so thrilled about the shirts. The civil protection logo on the shirt I have now is starting to crack a lot. It may peel off in another year or half. also idk about the hair man. my dad's got the same color and length of hair as you (except now he sports a kickass beard as well) so I don't understand why people would demand you'd cut it (imo it'd be cool if you dreaded it)
  12. I just. don't even wat. waaat (that man is right someone did put a lot of love and effort into that how have have I not seen this before in my life)
  13. my gods. you just made me realize that freeman's mind is the longest thing I've actually watched/kept up on. I knew about it before I really started following it too from watching my dad watch it, then I forgot about it for at least a year and discovered it again in middle school... So many people who make original content who then just dump it suddenly after a year or three, or it just feels draining after so many years (like naruto*shudders*, it's got to be in 2nd for longest thing I've kept up on.) Pretty sure I started a bit before ross made this site back when he posted on a blog. I don't know what is about your brand of comedy ross, but I love it. I hate the over the top shit comedies that hollywood pumps out, where everything that could go wrong does and it's supposed to be funny? Maybe it's just too overdone for me... I love nitpicking and poking fun at how things are designed more than I thought I guess. edit: had fun digging thru the old blog and found the last episode ross was going to post I wonder if in an alternate reality ross scott did stop making freeman's mind there.
  14. That battle took me 10 minutes, including my 2 deaths and restarts the first time I got to that thing on hard. I don't want to admit how long and how many deaths that battle gave me on easy. from what I remember. the first room could take me up to an hour to pass thru I was never very good at platformers. If I remember correctly. Eventually he runs out of places to teleport you so he teleports you just inside a wooden crate you have to bash out of, but then again it's been idk around 9 years at the most since I last played half life to the end end. Although I also didn't know back then that you had to shoot all the crystals to actually kill him. I think I had to watch my dad beat the game before I realized what I'd been doing wrong.
  15. They could be another form of tentacles. But seriously I lean more towards wasp/bee-like where there is a queen but the workers are largely independent or were at least before they were used as weapons of war. There has likely been some strict breeding control on the queen. which may be why gonarch's floating on a small island in the void... she seems like a pretty large animal for such a small space... freeman literally was teleported to a headcrab breeding pen that was only the most efficient amount of space to give her. --- But ya valve were thing EXTREMELY sexually when they designed the aliens in half life. Mr. Friendly which is one of the cut aliens was supposed to literally rape freeman and defiantly looks like uhhh some things.... XD on Mr. Friendly's article on the halflife wiki it says that "The sexual themes of some of the enemies were intended to appeal to the innate homophobia of 12 year old boys, the targeted audience for the game." :l halflife could of been a REALLY weird game if they had included more of the enemies they cut.
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