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  1. Coraje

    Civil Protection: The Tunnel

    Great episode. I thought the atmosphere was horrific for the most part. The beginning part of the Secondary tunnel in the darkness, I thought the music was just outta place. I guess he was going for an action type of feel, but when u view the horror atmosphere over all, it really sticks out. 5/5.
  2. The Halo video was done as a April fools joke. Also If I remember correctly (if not they reason should be in 1 of the post) he put em on his own YouTube first before he went to Machinima.com to expand his audience. I think he should just directly up-load em to his own YouTube and become a Partner, he's got enough views and well Machinima.com has changed so much since its origins its really gotten crappy now.
  3. *Citidel Explodes" Dave "What was that about Nerf guns mike?" Mike "uuuuuuhhhhh....."
  4. http://civil-protection.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/chilledsanity#p/a/u/2/jwYKyhwPWug I'm just wondering how come You never just reverted back to your normal YouTube channel after the whole Machinima.com thing?

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