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  1. GOod That you have donations enabled you deserve something for your effort. Also, what you could do for the ones that donate is make like a live chat room for all the ones who donated and you chat with them when you have time, and they can give you ideas. or also I dont know... I livestream?
  2. Well, Im really surprised by the theories but guys, Cmon! Its just cmon sense, nothing will happen after this, is like halloween safety. It never explains how they got out alive, nor in freemans mind 10.5, It was a special, Its like south park, we see kenny die every episode but the next one he is alive and it doesnt explain how he got back to live. this is a series of episodes, not like freemans mind which has a chronoligical order, This is Civil Protection. Doesn´t have a Series plot, its just episodes, fun though but just episodes, You dont need to whach the other episodes to understand this one. However, If Im wrong (Im a human its possible) maybe there will be a sequel with all the hype this has. I certainly want an explanation but I know it just ended there. Hope they make a new episode, but dont tell yourself if this has a continuation or an explanation, its unknowkn, but I really hope you guys stop cracking yourselfs for explanations, It just happened and the next CP will be another topic, another subject and no references to the past. I really would want a continuation episode, but I know that is unlikely. Hope I made my point Flasheneitor
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