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  1. It would be kinda hard to make a mind series from an Open-World like Skyrim, Oblivion, or Morrowind, mainly since the main character has no destinctive name, their titles change depending on what you do, and it would only apply to whatever cynasism is played out. If I had any clue on Movie creation, or Sound Editing, I'd probably make something with one of those titles, but alas I am just a writer, a gamer, and a griefer =)
  2. But honestly if not a Bethesda title, what else? There are very few titles out there in the Fantasy Universe that have as much attention to detail, and more down to earth (FPS / Close Range 3rd) which makes for potentially good movies. So what if its out of his comfort zone as a game, no one says he has to play it, he just has to make something "Useful" in his mind from it.
  3. Though for name sakes what in the world would he write / produce / machinimize? Fantasy or not, that realm requires a lot more thought process then a Freemans Mind or a Modern-Day Post Apocalyptic Hedge Run (Not an insult). I mean do you honestly know how hard it is to make a Fantasy Funny, its like trying to make a kids movie from the Bone Collector or Seven movie.
  4. So from what I heard Scott is looking to make something Fantasy based and needs a good system to build it from, just a suggestion, I would wait til around 11-11-11, Bethesda's Skyrim should hit the market at that time and create a base system to start from, especially since they are known to include the Construction System for additional game content if your any good with SDK's. If your any good with Mia Animation (like moi), you could create a virtually beautiful romantism / fantasy environment, not to meantion you'll have access to a wide array of advanced shader measures, character renderings, etc. Grant it, it will be a utter pain recording, processing, and editing, but it would make one damn good show. Course Fantasy Environments are a difficult endevour, many people don't fully understand the concept of writing a Fantasy Novel. As in a Indepth Swords, Spells, and alterate races novel or story for that matter, creating the culture, setting, environment, and descriptive language is a vibrant part of the process to make sure it is able to be processed by the reader and or viewer. Which requires a gift of writing to create fully. Course knowing Scott, I would probably think it would be 50% Comedic, 25% Serious, 25% Romantic/Drama. (I say Romantic Drama cause thats the only way you can bring a whore into a picture accurately.). And If I know Bethesda they're gonna want to show off a little more than just pretty scenery, new moves, attacks, spell effects, dynamics, and culture. Im not saying its gonna be a Binge of Romantismism, god knows there not Bioware (Mass Effect / Dragon Age) which are sex nerds. But considering most of their games have been lacking a relationship element I can think they're beginning to get a message from their local audiances, and if not well... But anyway, back to the Topic, the reason you'd want to use the Bethesda style games like Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, is because the animations are easier to orchistrate, especially with Mia 2008+. That and also the game is rich in scenery, dynamics, culture, people, creatures, etc. And I do gotta agree with Scott on how Freeman's Mind does get a little dull being that your in Stone Tunnels all day starring at cockroaches. And their about the only SDK Environment that allows for a multitude of developments either 3rd or 1st Person whichever his story format commits, to or whatever his writer (if he ever gets one), comes up with. But thats my two cents on the matter of creating a Fantasy Realm based world into a visual episode mix.
  5. If I were to add an idea to the pile I would say, Civil Protection: What I did on my free day. The Life of Dave and Mike Off Duty for one day, where Mike and Dave show off the lighter sides of their day that today don't go according to what they have planned. Heck I'd laugh if on their off-day Dave and Mike get kidnapped by the Rebels and the only reason they let them go is cause Dave is a insufferable pain in the butt, and Mike is constantly harrassing them with what will happen when Civil Protection finds out. Dunno how I'd end it though, all I know is it would either end with a Rebel getting fed up with them and whacking them on the back of the head with their own stun sticks then dropping them off somewhere interesting. Or Civil Protection raids the apartment and either one of two things happens. A) A Frag used to stir chaos inside the apartment rolls right in front of the two knocking them about the room, with Mike commenting on how much that hurt, and Dave who was located just behind Mike saying he'd didnt feel much as the end credits roll. B) Civil Protection Raids the apartment, and they ask for who leads them, and the Rebels look over at the Dynamic Duo, and the scene flashes to them tied up in torture chairs in a Prison getting ready to be interogated. (Trade one Prison for another). B2) Dave comments after all the Rebels look over at Mike and Dave after being asked who leads them: " Well I more or less just follow him," Mike Quickly Comments: " What? No! I don't!" (Cuts to a Black Scene with a Cell Slamming Noise. Slowing Brightens into the Torture Scene in one of the chairs with Mike sitting (Mike says to himself then "I'm gonna kill dave," End Scene go to Credits.
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