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  1. He is definatly going to make the next CP a sequel to the Tunnel. I don't think he would just leave it off right there... that was way too much of a cliffhanger
  2. A choice between a Civil Protection T-Shirt, a Freemans Mind T-Shirt, and an Accursed Farms T-Shirt. I would actually buy one if they existed and i sure ALOT of other people would too. You'd be making bank off that!
  3. I really like the call for checking out the seemingly dead zombie body. @ Raicuparta: I think that the tunnel is going to show that Dave and Mike can be in an intense situation, but at the same time it will be simple and stupid. Ross Scott definatly has the capability to do it. I wish there was a way I could invest in Accursed Farms. I would love for Civil Protection to expand ten-fold. They are the most amazing videos ever. Ive been watching them since they first came out. We really need to create a bigger team for Ross to use. He deserves help
  4. Well there has been many Half-Life 2 war sequences online and some have actually been decent. He doesn't have to make them 100% scripted he could do the other tricks that others have tried.
  5. Ross should make a Civil Protection episode where Dave and Mike go through a battle with hardcore action sequences and what not. I would love to see what kind of crazy war scenes Ross is capable of creating, and I think it would be funny to see Dave and Mike dealing with one of those situations. If anyone else has any simple ideas that Ross can use or may help him add onto his future video post the, here
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