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  1. I need to move to a different universe where someone agrees with me in something...
  2. This may have been brought up before, I couldn't tell, but I've watched Freeman's mind's each episode from 5 to 20 times and each CP episode 2 or 3 times, and I can't help wondering about one thing... continuity. I mean, the concept of CP is obviously different from the one of FM, so it mightn't suit perfectly to have it as a continuing series with a long, fixed story instead of single episodes which have rather few connections. It's one of the three reasons I don't like CP as much as FM (the other two being Dave being overdone and the tendency of clinging on to certain jokes or discussions that aren't even jokes for a bit too big a part of the episode, but maybe I've just become too selective because FM is so good). Each episode seems to end with Mike and Dave getting into trouble, dying or getting badly injured. There's nothing wrong in that, but it would be fun to see how they deal with that situation as well instead of just cutting it off there and starting the next one from a clean table. I'm not writing this because I wouldn't like CP; on the contrary I really enjoy it, and the Tunnel episode was the best so far - which just made me extremely frustrated as I knew the chance of it getting a continuation in the next episode would be the mere fracture of a percent. Neither Mike nor Dave clearly died in the end of that episode, so it should be well possible to continue from there, maybe even start a whole continuous series about the invasion of those... things... whatever they were. But that's just an example, I'm sure there are plenty better ideas for a plot longer than 20 minutes as well.
  3. Hungarian? I thought Dave said bulgarian at the start not hungarian But yeah, it cant be hungarian... I dont speak a single word of hungarian, but Im finnish, and the weird thing is since finnish and hungarian are distantly related their pronounciations sound exactly the same even though none of the words are similar, and that pronounciation didnt sound familiar at all.
  4. Mike, cause I find Dave a bit overdone... not to say either of them was bad, theyre both good but Mike is still distinctly better to me.
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