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  1. Ah, the funny thing is that they were attempting to do the opposite of that. Most people believe, when it comes to vietnam, all of america was just horrible nazi like individuals. If you play it from that you point you'll see what i mean. If anything the only thing being shoved up your ass is that you should feel bad for war vets. Which you shouldn't, you should respect them. Most vets hate pity. On topic. I like call of duty. Its a really fun game for me provided i play it in short and sweet bursts. (out of a month, i'll binge on it one weekend and then i'm done until sometime the next month.)
  2. This thread is about Half life 2: Episode 3. Not Half life 3. Gameinformer revealed Half Life 3 Not Half life 2: Episode 3 Smart assery aside, *spoiler alert* Immediatly after Eli informed you that he was GOING to inform you about G-Man (Anyone that payed attention will know that G-man is a community given name, so that whole gman is gordan freeman is bullshit, Just had to get that out of my systen) Dog hears something and runs off, After Eli killed dog jumps in and saves you in the nick of time, time seeming to be something Gman understands a great deal about. Personally I think gman wanted Eli killed specifically because he was going to inform you about him. So, in Half life 3 you will most likely uncover a great deal more about Gman and his employers I sincerly doubt that the gman is evil, in any way, I don't think it gets that black and white, (the same way gordan isn't really a hero, To him he really is the right man in the wrong place) But he definitly has an agenda, But his and his employers are almost certainly not the same. Further thoughts: Apart from gman, I'm guessing we'll figure out what happened to Barney in episode 2, Maybe even Corporal Shepherd, I hear rumors about him, but I don't think so because hes a gear box character I believe.
  3. Discuss here (ep2 spoiler) after the final strider battle, after you launch the rocket, eli begins talking to you about gman. Yet by no coincidence (or so i believe) He is killed (or so it seems) by an advisor where as dog saves you moments before you are killed. Now one thing is for sure, these were unforeseen consequences and there are more to follow. Several more things are open to question: What is on the borealis? Is it Portal technology? IS IT CHELL? What will happen to the resistance now that eli is dead. Are we sure the rocket worked? Who is gman? Whats his role in all this? What happened to barney and corporal shepherd? Peronally i believe its portal tech on the borealis, I believe Alyx will take charge of the resistance, The rocket is only temporary. Gman IS your guardian angel, But only because he has something invested in you, and therefore something to gain by watching over you. Barney is on an expedition to help mossman, Shepherd is still suspended in stasis to eventually help you. Remember, gman is a community given name. Valve still hasn't officially named him.
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